Saturday, 12 June 2010

WRH - clever anti-Israel propaganda advertises:
Edward Peck: Israel "smearing" the opposition

Here's the thing. I just got off a radio interview. One of the things that distresses me is the extent to which Israel has been successful in, for example, getting Americans to ask questions as to why the passengers on that big Turkish ship attacked the Israeli soldiers.
My emphasis. So, simply asking questions means one has fallen for Israeli manipulations - one has fallen under their spell and become a mouthpiece for Israel. Israel makes people ask questions. How dreadful. What pernicious corruption.

Don't ask questions - don't expose yourself as a dupe for Israel! Mad.

Lot's being said at the moment on the order of events around the Mavi Marmara situation. At least this article admits "the passengers on that big Turkish ship attacked the Israeli soldiers" - most everywhere omits this definite fact and claim it was the other way around.

There are so many suggestions that passengers were killed before the Israelis boarded and were attacked. There is no direct evidence for this at the moment, but people believe it. That's what I find interesting - that it's an objective fact we don't know what happened -- and yet people speak as if they already know. And how do their assumptions go? Well, there's an obvious keen-ness to reach conclusions which condemn Israel. Every detail reflects the same urge....all unknowns are simply assumed and - it seems to me - they unfailingly condemn Israel. That's my impression of the general reaction.

Moreover, raise a voice against it, and expect to get shouted down. Viciously too. A frightful climate. yuck.

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