Monday, 14 June 2010

For shame, even Castro's at it

Castro: Swastika has become Israel's banner

Former Cuban president slams Israeli raid on Gaza-bound flotilla, says Israel 'would not hesitate to send 1.5 million Palestinians to crematoriums'

Published: 06.11.10, 21:36 / Israel News

Former Cuban President Fidel Castro slammed Israel on Friday and compared its policies to those of Nazi Germany. He said Israel seems to have taken the swastika as its banner, and that it would "not hesitate" to send the 1.5 million Palestinians living in Gaza to "crematoriums".

The former communist leader published an article in local press in which he said, "The State of Israel's hatred towards the Palestinians is such that it would not hesitate to send 1.5 million men, women and children to the crematoriums in which millions of Jews of all ages were killed."

Israeli has recently come under harsh criticism from many countries around the world over its takeover of the Gaza-bound Marmara ship, in which nine activists were killed.

Castro added in his article that, "The swastika would seem to be the flag of Israel today." He emphasized that his words were not "born of hatred", and noted that his country assisted persecuted Jews during the Second World War.


The Israelis have "only" had 60 years to do it? If they had wanted to accomplish it they surely could have done it by now. They haven't. The Final Solution ran fewer than 5 years. Surely this difference isn't all down to fabled German efficiency? Ridiculous. Shame on Fidel.


Martman316 said...

Wait... AFP? American Free Press?

the_last_name_left said...

Errrm.....pretty certain it's Agence France Presse.

I am always struck by Carto's use of AFP - for that very reason. Why not? tosser.

The source for the "we the jews rule america" quote that Rivero likes so much is IAP. Sounds like the Italian version of Agence France Presse, but no -- Islamic Association of Palestine - or some such.

That one was released on the web/some news group post as "a press release". By the IAP. It must be true.

So yeah AFP = American Free Press.........thanks to Carto.

Wanna media group called BBC? Beltane Bureau Communications! Away you go.....

I feel weird - like Chris Hitchens must have. I had wondered if this was going to prove such a moment (for me). I do find it very striking to see Castro saying this. It confirms how far away I am and have always been.

The left is mired in ideas of imperialism. I think it's naive. I think the left is (genuinely) making the same mistake again - that social democracy is fascism. Stalin and the Cointern said that in the interwar years - only to completely reverse their position once it was already lost.

Trotsky sought common cause with social democracy - liberalism - against fascism.

Whereas Stalin made the mistake of denouncing social democracy as fascism. (exactly what Mike Rivero et al do.....)

crude - ok. but that's how I see it. I look at what I see as the Western response, in the widest sense, and I see too much of Stalin's response. Liberalism is cast as fascism - and castrated - whilst the fascists know the deal, and continue refreshed.

I feel more worried than I have in a long while. Imagine the power liberalism holds without the restraint liberalism demands? (Me thinking aloud)

the_last_name_left said...

Even WRH/Desertpeace ran this Castro story, gloatingly.


the_last_name_left said...
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