Monday, 21 June 2010

Drought and famine - met with aid flotillas - obviously

Two major aid agencies have launched $10m (£6.7m) appeals for drought-stricken Niger in West Africa.

About seven million people - half of the country's population - face food shortages after crop failures last year.

Aid organisations Oxfam and Save The Children say the situation is growing more critical by the day.

Their concern is shared by the UN, which says the crisis is of a magnitude not seen before.

Save the Children says 400,000 children under five are at risk of starvation.

Oxfam says it will focus help towards a further two million adults who are facing severe food shortages.

The crisis, in the world's most under-developed nation, has been caused by a combination of a crop failure - following a drought last year - along with big increases in the price of many staple foods.
Good to see American nationalists and Islam worried about this. Ships packed with aid, paid for by Americans and "anti-zionists" everywhere are departing shortly. Aren't they? Gotta love those "humanitarians", huh?


Anonymous said...

here, Alex Jones curses out a Nazi.

socrates said...

TLNL, it's a shame, but it seems our blogs get more responses who live in the milieus we critique than from regular folks who see what we see.

I see Trausti started a new forum. Does that mean he erased the one before it? If so, the next edition of the dictionaries should have a picture of him to illustrate the word wanker.

I'm sorry most of your posts thus have fallen down some memory hole. The same thing has happened to me but not to that extent but enough to be a form of book burning.

I've got to check out what donkeytale wrote back to me in his new entry. I'm not looking forward to reading it. Maybe I should have just ignored him.

I've a real problem with people who are middle of the road Democrats who have problems with people who crave peace and love. I believe in the basic premises of no war, equal education and health care, good jobs for all willing to work, shelter, you know what I'm talking about. I'm not saying I'm making that big a difference. I tried in life. I failed. I admit it. But I don't want to hear someone call me a fake lefty when they are really speaking from the center or left of center and not the left.

I saw that one thread where you were feeling down. Keep the faith. Believe in yourself and enjoy life as best you can. People do tend to suck, but there are always new people out there to make friends with, and some of them are good people who'll treat you right.