Monday, 21 June 2010

Rivero - massive and sickening hypocrisy

News: ISTANBUL, Turkey (June 21) -- Turkish elite commandos today joined mechanized infantry units in a major operation against Kurdish rebels along the country's southern border with Iraq in response to attacks that left 12 Turkish soldiers dead over the weekend.

The deaths come after the Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK) earlier this month ended its 14-month cease-fire and began launching almost daily attacks on Turkish military and police.

In a statement e-mailed to AOL News, PKK spokesman Roj Welat said the cease-fire had become "meaningless" in the face of "the destructive and violent approach of the state." As a result, he said, the PKK had decided to "start a mid-intensity war."

The PKK claims 48 Turkish soldiers and 12 guerrillas have been killed in clashes from June 1 to June 14. The Turkish government says 43 members of its security forces and 120 PKK militants have died since an escalation in clashes with the PKK that began in March.

Turkish government forces have been bombing along the border with Iraq and last week launched a cross-border incursion into northern Iraq, where many of the PKK rebels are based.

At a service this past weekend to honor the 12 soldiers killed over the weekend, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed to "annihilate" the PKK, which has been in armed conflict with Turkey for decades.

"The terrorists will drown in their own blood," he said. "Such kind of bloody attacks will not be able to divert the direction of our nation to grow and to be a strong and estimable country."

Can anyone tell us why Rivero's attitude is so different between Turkey and Israel? It's because of Joooos, isn't it? What else?

Look at what Rivero writes in response to Turkey's vows to "annihilate terrorists":
Michael Rivero: Memo to Ambassador Jeffrey: the Turks seem to be handling this pretty well on their own, and to the best of my understanding, have not asked for any assistance from the US on this issue to date.

And by the way, why does it appear that neither the US nor the Iraqi military have any control over the Northern Iraqi territory from which the PKK is conducting its military operations?

One would have imagined, a little over 7 years after the invasion of Iraq, that such a problem wouldn't exist on Iraq's northern border by this point in time.
Turkey's handling it "fine"? How so?

It's ok for Turkey to annihilate terrorists (as defined by USA and EU), but not for Israel to board a ship to prevent terrorism (as defined by USA and EU)......WHY? Look at the Turkish position and compare to I/P?
Kurds, make up about 20 percent of Turkey's population........The rhetoric and the violence mark a definitive end to the so-called "Kurdish Initiative" launched by Erdogan's ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) last year. The initiative was meant to end the long-running civil war by better integrating the Kurds into the country and granting them more civil liberties, such as the use of the Kurdish language on television and de facto amnesty for PKK fighters who wanted to lay down arms and return to their villages.
Oh wow - they can even use their own language on TV!
the PKK has waged war against Turkey since 1984. At first it demanded independence for Kurds in southeast Turkey, but it later lowered its demands to calling for an autonomous region and more rights for the Kurds. The group is considered a terrorist organization by the U.S. and the European Union. An estimated 400,000 people have been killed in the 26-year conflict.
Turkey won't even meet demands for an autonomous region.....and more rights for Kurds. Completely different from Israel/Palestine, of course....because the Turks aren't......JOOOOS. What else can it be? Rivero's a piece of shit. Why isn't he getting on an "aid flotilla" for the PKK? Go on, I dare you, Rivero? Better than sending women and children, huh? Despicable.
The appalling repression of the Kurdish people in Turkey is generally unreported in the British media and virtually ignored at Government level. Vast numbers of Kurdish villages have been destroyed and their inhabitants displaced, thousands of people tortured and murdered.

It is only recently that the Kurds were allowed to speak their own language in public. The use of Kurdish in education, broadcasting and publishing is prohibited. Anyone publishing, or attempting to publish, an objective historical analysis of the Kurdish situation is subject to prosecution and imprisonment. Torture is, in fact, commonplace, particularly In police stations. According to International PEN, there are more writers and journalists in prison in Turkey than in any other country in the world, with the exception of China. Turkey is a military, totalitarian regime masquerading as a democracy. State terror Is systematic, savage, merciless. All efforts on the part of the Kurds to bring about a political rather than a military resolution to the conflict have failed and the international community has shown little interest. Turkey isa member of Nato, theUS subsidises its army to the hilt, and of course the country provides rich business opportunities for all Western Democracies.
Rivero thinks this is "being handled fine".

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