Thursday, 17 June 2010

Rivero out in the Open - and exposed

I had a ding-dong with Mr Michael Rivero of WhatReallyHappened website. It's a rare event for Mr Rivero to put himself in a position to face the public. Mr Rivero inhabits a world where he can usually control everything that's said.

Rivero had bragged he'd had a letter published in the Honolulu Advertiser (about America, Israel and the flotilla). Rivero had 'invited' his readers to thank the Honolulu newspaper, leaving their email for his supporters to click, and a link to the page on which doubtless they were 'supposed' to leave comments.

I took the opportunity and what followed was a 3 day rumpus of comments which ended at a total of some 370+ comments - it proved a very interesting and extensive review of Rivero and his methods. And of his ethics, and those of his "crowd".

Rivero is now trumpeting the exchange as one wherein he was using me as "target-practice", that I am a MegaPhoney, that I wanted to stifle debate about Israel to protect her from the least criticism. His hypocrisy and deceit is endless! (That's why he provides such a rich source of it.)

The thread at the Honolulu Advertiser is here

Here's Rivero inviting his followers to back him up..... Rivero-Phonies?

The comments added by members(?) of WRH are here.
Notice the difference in tone between what 'the good members' of WRH say when they're at home compared to when they're in the public, as at the newspaper's comments board.

The single comment for this post of Rivero's says: "Would I be correct in assuming that ...this newspaper is not owned by a Ziotard?"

Here's Rivero again

I would invite anyone to read that thread and imagine that "Israel's MegaPhonies(!) piled-in". It was just me? A few other people kept some threads going, one apparently strong and very broadly anti-Islamist. But I was there on my own - Rivero invited people to comment.

I also invite anyone to assess whether my comments were without substance, not backed-up, As Rivero claims - completely falsely in my opinion, and in objective fact I would tender.

As for "anti-semitism" performing the same role as "communist" once did (in America) -- there's a major difference in the content and substance of the accusation. This just looks like a Nazi whom, on fear of exposure, is screaming McCarthyite!!

I mean, since when did Rivero cease using "Communist!" as an accusation? [The man can't say a word without contradiction]

Oh - now suddenly it's only one Mega-Phonie? And it (me) was "screaming". Right.

The WRH member comments are here, one of which revealingly says

We can all agree there was an OBVIOUS difference between the postings of Michael Rivero and Curt. Throughout, it appeared that Michael was trying to state that "wrong is wrong" no matter who the perpetrators are (or were), whether they were Nazis, Zionists, Communists, Fascists, the American Government, etc. (This is THE consistent philosophy as demonstrated by the types of articles posted at WRH.)
Hmmmm, no. This is the basic fraud of WRH. It has a very narrow perspective - a peculiarly warped one at that - Hitlerite Jewish World Conspiracy, in a pathological fashion.

WRH does not represent various viewpoints, it has a very strict agenda which can be delineated through study. What is left out, and what gets in. (In my opinion, Rivero is fascist.....and increasingly he appears extreme Islamist. One can't put a rizzla-paper between Rivero and Bin Laden or HAMAS - though Bin Laden seems more prepared to take responsibility than Rivero will allow.)

and again

He was using me as target practice? Really? I thought I'd shown he was morally bankrupt, a liar and a fraud. Dangerous too.

and again

My "endless smears" of Rivero were actually serious accusations he couldn't refute, and which I would never have made without being certain of them. I don't call people liars in print without certainty - it'd be stupid to do so.

WRH comments page is here.

and again

My version runs more like:

Rivero LIES

I say he's a liar.


I say he's a liar.



Martin Firestein said...

In the last comment on the article you linked to, Rivero links to the blog of one Allen L Rolland. I checked his blog and his website and could find nothing that would lead me to believe the guy had an anti-semitic bend. But do a google search, and you'll find this article:

Then go to the youtube link near the bottom:

Click on the profile of this person and you'll see they link to Rivero's site, and in their description, you'll see warnings about the Zionist Jewish bankers and their efforts to control the world.


the_last_name_left said...

"In 1976, He self-published Conscious Love: The Ultimate Energy - the first intimation of his theory of the Unified Field of love.

In 1998, he received a Ph.D. in spiritual psychology


And his article - The Rothschilds Federal Reserve? Not the "individualistic capitalist private property Federal Reserve" but the Rothschilds' one. So it's the Rothschilds that are the issue, not some structural issue, like capitalism, democracy, whatever. Masons Illuminaughty! WooWoo! ;)

the_last_name_left said...

Saturday, June 5, 2010


"If you don't like piracy you must be anti-semitic!"



"The Jewish dilemma is that their worn out victim card..... Allen L Roland"

Funny that people are cheering that Israel's supposed eternal "victim status" is apprently going to lead to them being defeated. Bizarre. Only then will they be allowed to be victims? They have to be persecuted again to prove it once more? Is that the deal? Odd. And disturbing.

More from mr Allen Roland - Rivero's "source"? -


" Stiffen your back and click your heels
and thrust your right hand to the Fuhrer
morphing into Netanyahu
and the Nazi crowds of Judah, "
this mad dog is rabid and must be delt with immediately ~ even at the laughable risk of being called Anti-Semitic.

Allen L Roland


He asks for donations! Maybe I should? lol

HE says:

"This weblog is sustained through donations from people like yourself."

It most certainly is not, Allen. lol

the_last_name_left said...

I did a post on mr allen roland. I tried posting at his blog - "Heil Israel!" - but he won't respond.