Friday, 18 June 2010

Rivero on Israel's jailing of "racists"

MR: One has to shake one's head at the overt,blatant racism, from one Jewish group in Israel against another at this point in the 21st century.


But Israel is jailing people for this supposed "racism"!! The people being jailed say they were there were before the state of Israel and its laws - "Why should we submit to nation-state-law?" they ask. If these were Americans, not Jews, Rivero would be behind them, for their defiance of ThePowersThatBe - and their "right" to be racist. Instead Rivero sees just division..... [Odd amongst the people who he supposes rule the world with one voice and one mission? No? lol]

CURT MAYNARD!!! Home schooling!!! Libertarianism!!!!!! Where'd that go all a sudden, Rivero? CURT MAYNARD!!!!

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