Monday, 21 June 2010

Rivero - the RonPaul supporting Hypocrite

Today Rivero claims:
Corporations are entities which have no conscience.

Therefore, it is critical to the economic health of a country that appropriate government regulation protect its people from corporate abuse.
Tell it to RonPaul, you moron! You know, the guy you supported for President!? The radical free-marketeer, neo-liberal wanker you supported the last 2 years! Tell it to your friend and employer, Alex Jones? Sheesh.

This coming from Rivero! An anti-socialist, anti-government type, whom believes taxes are illegal! So, if not a capitalist, and not a socialist, what is he? FASCIST.

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socrates said...

I think donkeytale recently had some kind words for Ron Paul. I think that guy feels threatened by those to the left of himself.

Instead of talking about specifics, he's resorted to trying to spin us as fake left as others. He has a new entry up which while not naming myself, it was clearly an attack on me.

It was funny to see him backtrack very quickly from his comments about yourself. I'm sorry yet another person or blog I've recommended to you has turned out to be a dud.