Monday, 21 June 2010

More provocations - Women sent to break military blockade

Here's the comments made at WRH about this provocation through exploitation of women:
Oh they'll definately sink it now!

The Israeli forces will be PISSED off that the 'scantily-clad' LEBANESE POP-STAR wasn't allowed to sail.

If Israel touches this Lebanese ship full of peace-activist ladies,then the US should NUKE ISRAEL!
God! Israel is such a criminal embarrassment to humanity.
In fact our 'Armada' should be ESCORTING the Lebanese ship through international,open waters,to Gaza,and PROTECTING IT from Israel.
You have no shame Israel or Obama!
06/20/2010 - 16:28

Ladies first. I’m sure that these courageous women can show more strength than any other idea we could come up with. Thanks to the women. We all have a Mother and we all know that Mothers do not like the kinds of things that have been going on in Gaza. Go ladies , no force of human origin can stop you.
06/21/2010 - 01:03
No mothers in Israel, obviously. What will it be next - a boatload of small children, furry animals?

Consider what view the Lebanese, Islam, Rivero and these commenters have of Israel? They see it as a bloodthirsty, irrational, evil, militaristic gangsterism. And yet here they are, applauding the dispatch of shiploads of women (and previously children) to "break the blockade"! They can't see their own moral decrepitude? This is called using human shields. It's exploitation. At least the women won't wield iron bars quite so ferociously.

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