Thursday, 10 June 2010

Rivero - "Egypt opens border - blockade over!"

Rivero is crowing that seemingly Egypt has opened her border with Gaza - which means the blockade is over!!! Hurrah!!

But hold on, I thought the "murderous blockade" - "the international war crime" blah blah blah - was all Israel's fault........

That's what Rivero has been repeatedly saying - he said it was Israel's blockade, over and over again. But now Egypt opens its border, suddenly "The blockade is over!" - even though Israel has changed absolutely nothing and everything there remains exactly the same as it was before.
Rivero: truth the Egyptians have already broken the blockade and intend to keep their border with Gaza open indefinitely.

The blockade is finished......

The blockade is already down. The border to Egypt is open.

Right now, with the Egyptian border open, Gaza is free.
Gaza is suddenly "free".....and the Israelis changed nothing! Amazing.

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