Monday, 27 June 2011

Rivero's Fancy Phone

Here's a radical suggestion for Mr Rivero - rather than begging for donations every few weeks, why not switch your f-ing fancy phone off? Or hell, maybe even get a job, huh?

What's an IPhone cost? £400? A hosted website.....£10+ a month? A blog.....zilch.

Only a few weeks ago he had a full weeping string section backing his sickly mush about how important the 'independent' media was, and could he have some of the punters' dough.....

Following the Japanese Tsunami he asked for donations towards a *new* radiation meter, or some such.

And then there was the supposed hacker attack after the Bin Laden assassination, which somehow needed money to deal with. (How does someone hacking your host's web-server cost anything?)

Then there was the dodgy advertiser, who did more harm than good, apparently. Beg beg beg. Get a blog if you're too skint to run a lousy website? Get a job? Or give up?

All these people expecting "truthseekers"? to bail them out all the time. David Dees went to the Nazis cap-in-hand so as to fix-up his cat? (!) Rys2Sense put out the bowl for a new digital camera......because he cracked his own filming his Jujitsu......? Tidy. Kerching.

Oh, and not to forget Alex Jones' MoneyBombs.

What a bunch of (begging) clowns. People want to make a living out of it? Why? Why should it be able to sustain ***THEIR*** websites and ***THEIR*** lifestyle? Suddenly "market forces" are a little too brutal, it seems. Charity is somehow more worthy and less debilitating than 'subsidy'. Mises was subsidised in USA, the Mises Institute still is. Jokers.

So we have Rivero's unseemly begging whilst his pictures present him at the heart of some nerve centre - he's surrounded by supposedly hi-tech "oh look shiny!" gubbins. Finger on the pulse, see. People usually sell possessions when they need money. Hint, hint.

Rivero, at Cape Canaveral, or so he pathetically likes to try and make out:

Gotta love that old tape machine in the last old is that? Is that supposed to look hi-tech?

Alex Jones is after much the same deal but he clearly has considerably more money and much better design skills than Rivero. His "nerve centre" is far more convincing, and he has way more flashy lights. He also has TV screens showing senseless sparkly animations. Wooo! He's right at the Info-Junction.....

Jones (or one of his band of orcs) puts Rivero in the shade over aesthetics and design. I don't like it, but it's simply way better than anything Rivero has ever done. Yet Rivero is supposed to be the visuals guy? Special FX, animation? And yet all his stuff looks like shit? His HomebakedEntertainment website....supposedly touting for's awful. What a load of rubbish.
Web site of Home Baked Entertainment.

Home Baked Entertainment is a Commercials house that handles computer animation, music, feature film effects, and live ...
I find it impossible to believe the junk on there. I find it impossible to believe a supposed 'movie special FX' bod would make such awful, amateur, rubbish. A few weeks in 3DStudio and I could do considerably better.

Take a look at this ad, it's dreadful.

I wouldn't normally care about peoples' poorly made 3D stuff but Rivero makes out he is some SpecialFX guy. Hollywood. Wooo! But look at that rubbish in the advert? And look at his website, and everything he makes? It's visually rubbish, and betrays someone whom lacks a keen visual aesthetic sense. I do, I happily admit. But I don't claim to be some Hollywood SpecialFX guy. I find it very hard to believe that someone so aesthetically-challenged can work in visuals.

Anyway, I'm not surprised he isn't working much with adverts like those and logos like this:

Homebaked Entertainment? Hmmm. Ok. They also do music? But listen to the music on their What did they make that with? The IPhone? What a tune. Presumably one they're showing off...... Crikey.

So, they don't look like graphics people, and they don't sound like music people.


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