Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Desertpeace - corrects dog story, still manipulates comments

Desertpeace blog has remarkably enough corrected its story (lie) about the dog condemned to stoning by Israeli court.

However, they are still manipulating comments using their sneaky system - it appears as if one's comment gets published but by changing IP address one can see it hasn't been published at all. This is deception.

I posted a comment, asking why Desertpeace had published the article in the first place - a reasonable question, as what reason could there possibly be for publishing it (other than a crude attempt to paint Israel in a bad light?)

The page showed my comment, thus:

However, upon changing IP address via a proxy, the comment has disappeared:

Using another proxy, I posted again:

Using yet another proxy it was obvious the comment again hasn't been published at all:

One wonders why DesertPeace stoops to such deception as a matter of course.

Amusingly enough Desertpeace links include one to "NoMoreCensorship" blog. HA, yeah, right.....

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