Monday, 27 June 2011

'The Audacity of Hope' stopped? Jooos blamed.

--- "The government of Greece just showed themselves to every bit the whores for Israel that the US and Canadian governments are!" ----

Because Israel rules the world, everyone knows. And Israel tells Greece just what to do.....of course. And Greece isn't just a sellout, she's being Israel. Typical!

The story goes that Greece is beholden to the IMF, and because the IMF is obviously run by and for Joooos, then Greece has to stop the flotilla. Well, obviously, no? Nicely done, Mr Rivero.

--- "Shame on everyone who stands by and allows Israel to starve the people of Gaza for daring to want their own government for their own land." ---

Hmmm. A smidgeon partisan, perhaps. :D

So how does Israel pay the piper at the IMF? Such fantasy.

Yeah, really classy.

Dirty compared to.....Al Qaida, say? Or Hamas? or Assad? Or....whatever....

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