Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Rivero - Holocaust denial in 2011

The following comments appear at, appended to a republication of a Eustace Mullins article, written in 1981, called "The Holocaust Explained"
Michael Rivero

There is no question that the Nazis were evil people as anyone who marches armed into another's lands to steal them are evil, whether it be Iraq or Palestine. And there is no question that Germany had slave labor camps. And there is no question that a great many people died in those camps.

What begs examination is whether the inmates at those camps died of the typhoid epidemics that swept across Germany towards the end of the war, or whether there was a deliberate program of extermination.

The modern nation of Israel owes its very existence to the latter version of events. Here you had the entire world sacrificing much blood and treasure on the principle that one nation did not have the right to simply grab the land belonging to another people, and you had the founders of Israel seeking the world's permission to do exactly that in Palestine. Without a propaganda device to persuade the world that Israel be allowed to do to Palestine what Germany could not be allowed to do to France, Israel would not exist. So there is no question that motive existed to amplify the events of WW2 in a way that supported the creation of Israel.

Michael Rivero

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