Sunday, 12 June 2011

Banned again - for criticising anti-semitism and Holocaust denial

Updated 19/6/11 - The following entry was written some days ago. It described events at the time, and my initial reaction. I'm happy to report that since I wrote this the blog author has reopened posting and has been publishing my comments, which have been wall-of-texts, to be fair. The Blog author is far more tolerant and open to my POV than I originally suspected. Fair play. ;) I am pretty sure it's the first time I've come across anyone online who has appeared to reconsider some stuff. Kudos for that, to Talisman @ sweetpotatoandyam blog.

Anyway, what I originally wrote follows below. As I say, it doesn't describe the situation now.

I was banned again, this time from

I'd seen this article posted at Rivero's, and chose to comment.

The comments at the time were open, requiring only a CAPTCHA completion before comments were published.

But that stopped shortly after I raised the issue of the blog's association with Holocaust denial and anti-semitism - the blog links to Les Visible's Smoking Mirrors, and features Holocaust denial in the comments etc.

My last comments were deleted, and now the blog has stopped comments - "to prevent further troll attacks". lol.

ETA - here's a comment of mine that was deleted from the thread about Syria/Israel (other comments of mine were deleted in other threads too)
the_last_name_left said: Well, let's face it - when people such as yourselves go around making sloppy, deeply partisan and distorted comments about Israel it *is* worth knowing that you associate with Holocaust deniers.

Also, it's worth understanding that your blog features at far-right propaganda site, WRH. That's how I reached it, for example.

Plus you include a viciously anti-semitic, Holocaust denial blog in your few links - Smoking Mirrors.

When these issues are raised, you clam-up, shouting "Don't feed the troll!"

You're an idiot to imagine such things won't raise serious concerns. If you were serious you'd repudiate such views.

But you don't.

So, you don't share these concerns.......insultingly you even call it 'trolling' when concerns are raised.

That pretty much says all anyone needs to know about you. Anti-semitism is fine, you tolerate it, condone it, promote it - without any criticism.

Your supposed concern for some people (Syrians) clearly does not extend to others (Israelis/Jews).

You complain about distortions of history over Arab/Israeli conflict, yet you promote Holocaust denial, refuse to criticise it, and even denounce those whom are rightly concerned about it as "trolls" seeking to disrupt discussion.

Look at the first comment by "Mike" in this thread?

"....a web of absolute fantasy here in the US. Identicaly so as to the fantastical web known globally as the holocaust. Both of these delusional versions of historical "reality" are being taught to public shcool students throughout the US as mandatory subjects. This is brainwashing on a massive scale....."

So, Holocaust denial is allowed, but criticism of it is "trolling".

This is more evidence of your refusal to 'apply any ideological filters' I suppose? lol

June 12, 2011 2:23 PM
The blogger justifies linking to Holocaust denial and anti-semitism by claiming that s/he refuses to apply 'ideological filters'.

And yet when I critically addressed the Holocaust denial and anti-semitism, I was accused of 'trolling'. That's how they roll.....

Pathetic, and despicable.


Jojo said...

So why the last blog left? I mean I saw like 20 more. It is not right.....

Jojo said...

And also where are the links to les visible's blog? And can I have a cookie?

Real Truth Online said...

How can you honestly complain and bitch about being deleted when YOU DO THE SAME FUCKING THING ON YOUR BLOG???

You condemn Prison Planet for doing it, but YOU DO THE SAME THING!


Real Truth Online said...

Hey asshole. I can play the SAME game YOU played about Rivero that you played with me and Bush:

I can quote your EXACT quote but just add Rivero's name.

What if I said:

"You do not know whether what RIVERO said happened ....happened"

Remember saying that to me only with Bush's name inserted?

I'm asking the SAME question now.....

You do not know whether what RIVERO said happened ....happened

Got an answer? Or will it be IGNORED????

Jojo said...

And I want my frikken cookie!!!

the_last_name_left said...

How about staying on-topic instead of spouting rubbish?

You know......add something? Not just trash?

IF you want to criticise, fine. But do it, eh? Quit this pathetic nonsense?

"Larry/RTO: You do not know whether what RIVERO said happened ....happened"

About what?

[Nothing Rivero says should be taken as accurate or honest. He's a lying POS, anti-semitic and fascist. What else is there to know about it?]

Real Truth Online said...

LOL. You hate YOUR OWN WORDS thrown back in your face, huh?

the_last_name_left said...

Who knows what you are on about, Larry?

Funny, you seem to be avoiding the entry about Troofer lies over Cheney........

Why don't you just admit you were wrong.....that you were deceived.....and that you have inadvertently tried to deceive others too?

Real Truth Online said...

"You do not know whether what CHENEY said happened ....happened"

It made sense when YOU said it huh? But not when I say it???


the_last_name_left said...

try staying on-topic, Larry?

this thread is about anti-semitism and Holocaust denial, and censorship of its criticism.

Real Truth Online said...

"this thread is about anti-semitism and Holocaust denial, and censorship of its criticism."

Can't handle YOUR OWN WORDS can you?

Ohhh that's NEVER censor, do you? LOL

the_last_name_left said...

IF I was to delete all the comments on this page, it couldn't be censorship, because there's no content. Did you fail to notice?

If you have a point, make it - if not, just shut up and stop posting crap.

Real Truth Online said...

"IF I was to delete all the comments on this page, it couldn't be censorship, because there's no content. Did you fail to notice?"

In other words, YOU get the make the decision on what is "content" on YOUR blog AND other people's blogs?

What a turd you are.

the_last_name_left said...

Well, it seems an objective fact - like the sky is blue - that you talk a load of rubbish.......and jojo offered nothing.


Real Truth Online said...

"Well, it seems an objective fact - like the sky is blue - that you talk a load of rubbish.......and jojo offered nothing."

So, are you saying that OTHERS are not allowed to consider what YOU say as "a load of rubbish"???

Funny how you claim I talk "a load of rubbish" but you haven't refuted me once. Isn't that odd?

the_last_name_left said...

I've refuted you over and over. You just can't recognise it. Oh well.

Real Truth Online said...

"I've refuted you over and over. You just can't recognise it. Oh well."

EVIDENCE of that???

Of course not, shithead.

the_last_name_left said...

see here:

Talisman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
the_last_name_left said...

Yeah, sure. Sorry, meant to do so.

the_last_name_left said...

I was reading through some of my blogs for that stuff I posted at sweetpotatoandyam and I came across a few comments Curt Maynard had made here.

He mentions he is getting divorced, that his wife was making a big deal out of his racism.

I remember I had wanted to say something to him, about understanding what it's like to breakup.....that it can make people a little crazy.

I'm sure I was concerned. But I didn't want to say anything because it was the monstrous Curt Maynard.

I was shocked by what happened but unsurprised. Disgusted too.

I did have a certain respect for Curt Maynard though - he at least seemed honest about his racism and whatever brand of Nazism he was into. Most of those people spend their time denying it all, playing a big charade about how they don't hate Jooos, how they're not really racists, how they don't actually adore Hitler etc. At least there was none of that crap with Curt Maynard; everyone knew his views.

Apparently his star lost its lustre with the VNN and SF crowd when they discovered he was married to a Mexican. And had 2 kids with her, both of which (just) survived the shooting, IIRC.

Rivero posted the story of his murdering his wife etc, and himself. The comment from a user said something like "Now they'll tar us all with the same brush" IIRC. Which seems an odd kind of thing to be said.....unless the writer was speaking of Rivero's place as being as racist, anti-semitic and nazi as Maynard was. Else how could anyone tar them with the same brush?

And what is Maynard's death being reported at WRH for? On the face of it, nobody should be expected to know who Maynard he's such a racist and fascist.

WRH isn't supposed to be about that stuff. [Or is it? ;) ]

Well, it is. Along with expecting people to be familiar with Maynard, and feeling some need to publish a record of his death....WRH occasionally publishes odd stories about obscure, factional rubbish from the far-right, white-supremacist crowd. Like Maynard's "Is BIll White Really a White Nationalist?" (These people love denouncing each other - more factional than the left. lol)

Why does Rivero think his audience need know or are interested in the machinations and intrigues of the leadership of the fascist far-right? Anti-fascists publish such stuff so as to laugh at it.....Rivero isn't doing it for that. He knows what he is doing, and "fighting fascism" it ain't.

Real Truth Online said...

"see here:"

You're directing your ONE reader to a post where I continually blow you away with facts??? LOL