Thursday, 30 June 2011

Errrr, hold on?

An astonishing bit of spin at WRH today.

Israeli propaganda?

The link given leads to a Yahoo blog which mentions a German anti-racist initiative, which appears to be an effort to educate football fan-clubs about the presence of the far-right, and ways to spot them. It says the far-right are blending-in more, and are harder to spot. Especially as swaztikas and such like are banned in Germany.

The Yahoo blog says:
The swastika, unmistakable symbol of Nazi power, has been banned in Germany for some time. However, neo-Nazis are finding ways around that law, initiating alternate graphics and codes to promote their Hitler-inspired beliefs.

A new brochure titled "Hide and Seek," featured in German news magazine Der Spiegel, explains the troubling trend. Of course, the symbols appear innocuous so most people don't recognize them as anything hate-driven. The neo-Nazi signs can be seen on banners at sporting events, as tattoos, etc. Michael Weiss, author of the brochure, told Der Spiegel that its purpose is to raise public awareness of the current generation of neo-Nazi codes, especially among teachers and social workers and others with access to German youths.
The brochure[in German] is here.

Looks serious enough. Yet WRH relate it as "Latest Israeli propaganda Nazis=Palestinians". Gross. The Yahoo article only mentions that
Der Spiegel points out the example of the kaffiyeh scarf, a longtime symbol of Palestinian nationalism, which neo-Nazis have adopted not as a symbol of support for Palestine but of the fight against Israel."
Nevermind that the contents of the brochure and its claims are surely true, eh Rivero? Nevermind that the finger of accusation is pointing at you.....for playing the exact same game of 'hide and seek' which the brochure seeks to expose.....

And quite a crucial distinction there between "support for Palestine" and "the fight against Israel". They aren't the same thing, but they can and do overlap. There's a lot of Nazi activity in that overlap and supposed supporters of Palestine, like Rivero, better deal with it. But he doesn't. Rather Rivero publishes them, has them on his radio show, repeats their lies. They're his colleagues and his content.

Then he has the gall to act sagacious. A true man of honour! Sure.

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