Monday, 20 June 2011

Rivero - "Carbon-Nazis"

Yeah, ze polluters are all going to ze Camp, don't you know.

Rivero seems to think the sun is the main/only drive for earth's surface temperatures. How then does he explain the rising temperatures we're still seeing, despite decreasing sun activity? And extrapolating forwards what will happen when any Maunder minimum dissipates? Obviously it implies even more warming, with an additional 70 years carbon in the atmosphere.

Of course whilst Rivero tilts at Carbon-Nazis (whatever that's supposed to be) he has friends, colleagues and fellow-travellers whom are genuine Nazis, about whom he is entirely absent the least bit of criticism. Carbon-Nazis are bad, but real Nazis are fine fellows indeed?

Until very recently Rivero was plying his radioshow on RBN, RepublicBroadcastNetwork. It's run by John Stadtmiller, whom like all these kooks is a dodgy, far-right SOB.

Wiki has this about RBN:
Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN) is a satellite, shortwave, and Internet radio operation based in the state of Texas. It is run by John Stadtmiller, who advertises it as a "truth radio station".[1] In 2010, it received publicity in the news after one of its broadcasters was revealed to be a leader in the Guardians of the Free Republics, a Sovereign Citizen-affiliated group that had sent threatening letters to all 50 United States governors.[2][3] The network has ties to the Willis Carto-founded American Free Press newspaper, which was described by political scientist George Michael as "the most important newspaper of the radical right".
John Stadtmiller certainly does have 'ties' to Willis Carto. For example, Stadtmiller attended (and broadcast from!) Carto's Holocaust denying conference held in September 2006. I've previously written about that conference and its Nazi flavour, here. The most remarkable attendee at the conference was a former member of the SS Wiking division, implicated for warcrimes in Ukraine as part of the Holocaust following Barbarossa. Nice guy, obviously. The rest of the attendees were, naturally enough, the leading lights of American NationalSocialism - Nazism.

They are all Rivero's peers - the people he most closely works with and promotes at his "news" website.

I'd love to know how Rivero rationalises the difference between supposed "Carbo-Nazis" and the real thing. Why is the former so much more awful and deserving of his contempt than the real thing?

Probably Rivero doesn't rationalise it......likely he understands that he is simply treating his audience with contemptuous misdirection.

Rivero refuses ro recognise any of this, but others do.

Here's Stormfront, agitating to help Stadtmiller out the slammer. Such nice guys, always willing to help their friends.....

And here's Stormfront again helping their frinds, with a bit of financial help this time.
Now John Stadtmiller and Republicbroadcasting NEED OUR HELP RIGHT NOW !
Hey, at least they're not Carbon-Nazis?

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You must have a love affair with Rivero, or else why go to his blog everyday?

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