Sunday, 12 September 2010

Bradblog lies again, censors criticism of anti-semitism and manipulates its audience

Bradblog are at it again.

When Brad Friedman and others working for Bradblog are unable to respond to arguments they simply traduce the commentator, resort to personal insult, manufacture lies and finally censor any right of reply. This happens even as they make such a deal about how the MainStreamMedia operates in such a fashion. Bradblog likes to pretend it has much higher standards, but it doesn't. It has far lower standards.

I'll post what was deleted from the thread over at Bradblog later. Essentially Brad Friedman denied ever deleting criticism of anti-semitism but when the evidence was presented, he deleted it and prevented my posting any further responses. Brad and Canning proceeded to traduce my character and completely misrepresented my position, whilst taking measures to prevent my having a right to reply. Hypocrites / liars / manipulators.

The evidence I'd posted against Bradblog follows - it's only a partial illustration of behaviour at Bradblog, but make no mistake - such behaviour is characteristic of BradBlog, whatever they might say by way of denial. Why else would they delete the evidence instead of simply mocking it viciously as they usually do to any criticism?
Let the reader decide? Sure.....

The charge against BradBlog is that it iundulges anti-semitism, even using a moderator whom promotes sources and content from Hitler, Charles Lindbergh, Ford's "International Jew", William Pierce, Willis Carto etc. Bradblog has repeatedly censored such claims - even censoring the evidence when it was given at their request. Shameful.

The evidence which Bradblog asked for but deleted follows. The content essentially comprises illustrations of what Bradblog censors, and what it indulges (extreme anti-semitism):

If one follows the links given in those posts, one can clearly see that Bradblog has been censoring criticism of anti-semitism, even as they deny it. On the other hand, Bradblog indulges anti-semitism, giving those whom hold some despicable views "free-rein".

The following provides further evidence against Bradblog: charges of hypocrisy over "demonisation" and "dehumanisation" which Bradblog makes a deal about exposing, but which they indulge, protect through censorship, and transmit (through their comments section and associated venues). The following evidence refers to interactions with Big Dan's Big Blog which is/was frequented by a coterie of posters at Bradblog, including Brad's moderator "Agent99". What is Brad doing associating with such people? How come these people find BradBlog so sympathetic to their views? How come Bradblog employs a moderator (!) whom hangs with such people and whom hold such repulsive (anti-semitic/fascist) views. People pushing anti-semitism are embraced whilst those criticising it are censored, traduced and banned. Some standard, huh?

More here.

I'll post the deletions from the latest episode of censorship later. Just for the record, like....


socrates said...

TLNL, I've a football game to watch but wanted to quickly post, that Brad Friedman is a proverbial, paid troll. His sugardaddy is ex-con Brett Kimberlin, who was convicted for drug smuggling, perjury, attempting to impersonate a federal defense officer, and setting bombs that led to the death of one man.

The suspected motive behind the Speedway, Indiana bombings was to derail a small police department's investigation into the murder of Julia Scyphers. Kimberlin was having an unhealthy relationship with Scyphers' pre-teen granddaughter. He was a major drug smuggler. Julia Scyphers was fed up with Brad Friedman's #1 business partner having anything to do with her daughter and grandchildren. Apparently that's why Kimberlin had her killed. Brad Friedman calls me psychotic, yet here he is in bed with a real psychopath.

While Brad Friedman can be directly linked to anti-semitism. no one would have ever heard of him or BradBlog, unless Kimberlin had supplied him with hoaxes concerning his self-described, election integrity activism. Such activities persist into the present, as one can see with their involvement in the Michael Connell murdered by Karl Rove hoax.

Brad Friedman is ultimately a loser, no matter how much money he has raked in alongside the true psychopath, Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin.

I see Brad has said you are either me or a friend or something. I think I have my next blog entry idea, and it will be inspired by what you have now shared. Of course Brad Friedman has censored you. I will have to take some screenshots. I see Canning, the ex-corporate attorney, has responded to a post #48. The strange thing is, he does so as post #47.

I think this kind of thing you do is much more important than your wasting of time interacting with the "madman" Larry. Blogger does well in regards to google seaches. Brad Friedman should learn to stop attacking me, especially when I have nothing to do with his blog. He's a disinfo bitch, and the more people aware he is a proven fraud, the better. People like Huffington and The Guardian blog section should toss him to the curb. Brad Friedman is a scumbag, period. He calls me a psychotic stalker. If he really believed that, he wouldn't prod such a person to track him down in real life and slash his throat. He's lucky I'm not psychotic and am a peaceful vegetarian. Otherwise he would have been murdered a long time ago.

socrates said...

I'd like to see the comments Brad deleted. Were any wiped off, before he said you weren't allowed to post? I'm working on a new entry pertaining to BradBlog's owner. The guy's not too bright. First he said you were a sock puppet for some right wing loser who posted there last year. Then he said oopsies, that you are either me or my friend taking up where I left off. Then he had the gall to write peace at the end of his comment. He knows we're not the same person. It's a trick used by those who are busted to declare that all opposition are one person with multiple usernames.

the_last_name_left said...

I haven't got time to format a post on it atm but if you have got an email addy I can send them to....I'll send em right now.

email me if you don't want to put one up here?

socrates said...

I'll email you. I just finished my entry on Brad. The Agent 99 thing has hit a raw nerve. Brad mentions all these volunteer moderators, but Agent 99 has been the only one. He didn't mention her by name, because he wants to cover it up. I've a feeling Brad recently tossed her for the same reason Alex Jones did Mike Rivero. Thanks for what you do. I look forward to checking out your new piece on Giordano. Stuff like that and here on BradBlog is much more important than your spending time with the madman, imho.

socrates said...

You said you were going to post what was censored. People are supposed to take your word for it you were unfairly erased? It doesn't take that long to post such information. Instead you post on Bob Marley copyrights and old Prince songs. Maybe you realise it was wrong of you to post as Torres yet spoke of Mr. Fantastic as if he was a different person, and that's embarrassing. Maybe you realise you shouldn't say things without proof, such as that VR changed its stop terrorism page to cover up its implication about working with the ADL. There's enough to nail Brad Blog and VR on without making such easy to avoid mistakes.

the_last_name_left said...

I don't work for you.

or anyone.

the_last_name_left said...

S: Maybe you realise it was wrong of you to post as Torres yet spoke of Mr. Fantastic as if he was a different person, and that's embarrassing.

No. not in the slightest.

Why would I even bother typing a word when I know will be definitely censored? I want to type "the word" and so I will use another name. I use proxies and then use the same name through my banned IP - so as to allow a connection of the two. Once they print a comment of mine from a proxy I reply with the same name from my original IP minus a proxy - so that they know they have published my comments whilst unaware of my IP address.


the_last_name_left said...

Because I couldn't be arsed to do it, I offered to post you all the pages........if you left an email address.

you didn't want to leave an email address? fine.

but don't say I tried to obscure what happened - I offered you all the saved pages I have.

you want to chill out S. i don't see the world hanging upon me getting into photoshop for a few hours.

socrates said...

I emailed you yesterday or the day before, not sure, because my biological clock is off. I guess it went into your spam bin. Could you copy and paste what was deleted. That should be sufficient. I get what you're saying about how there is only one way to post on their blog. For myself, it's just not possible. I'm talking about Kimberlin, things like that, and Brad's simply not going to allow it. Take it easy. You'll run into the same thing, if you talk about Agent 99 or anti-semtitism of other posters. BradBlog is a closed shop.

the_last_name_left said...

i checked - there was an email. my bad. :) i'm swamped by larry spam - and blogger seems to have gone nuts - firing off 5 emails for every entry posted sometimes. I have seen Larry's repetitions 1000 times....i go to hotmail with trepidation at the moment, because Larry's filling it.

"How come if the Loch Ness monster is too heavy fly......"

Bedtime - long night. S'later.

socrates said...

Copy and pastes of anything deleted from your latest trip into Bradblog would sate my curiosity. By the way, I wrote in my last entry I was done for a while blogging on this topic, but it looks like my next one will yet again be fixated on exposing this specific branch of fake lefty. They are the gift that keeps giving, for those of us who don't like fakes. As for Larry, I just deleted one of his posts. He's one of the reasons I have comment moderation on and another with your example of why I don't advertise my email addresses. As for Brad kicking off of Bradblog, it's kind of strange. He tries to make it seem he had this batch of moderators, when there was only one he didn't name. He says he might have done things differently from that person he doesn't name. Yet he did the same exact thing to you recently. I really want to see what you wrote to get deleted. I'm curious if anyone else's posts were scrubbed too. That's all. I'm curious.

socrates said...

Thanks for sending me what got censored. I sincerely checked it out and then wrote, "Brad Friedman of Velvet Revolution Admits to Supporting Anti-Semitism."