Friday, 24 September 2010

Socialists say "Fuck the State"

I'm a socialist but i hate the state.

Isn't a state education dreadful?



socrates said...

State education has gotten much worse over the decades. Emphasis is being placed on teaching to tests rather than inspiring and motivating young people to develop critical thinking skills and others related to healthy development.

The saving grace is that these things tend to go in cycles. That doesn't do much good now for young people driven out of schools in blatant attempts to manipulate graduation rates and those test results.

The biggest problem with American education is that each school is dependent on their locale's ability to amass tax revenue. This produces a legitimation crisis between capitalism and democracy. We're all supposed to be created equal with the same opportunities. But it's obvious that where one is born has a profound influence on one's chances for so-called success.

plato said...

its all bullocks. rubbish. he a homo too.

Editor said...

I enjoy your blog and the network of liberal bloggers you associate with, but ponder how you and Socrates (ha) find time for all those words (most specifically Socrates)! Also, in order to maintain a balanced approach I will continue to read WRH (nah nah), though I believe your assessment/criticism of Mike Rivero is fair to a certain degree (the website certainly has an agenda). Though to call him a neo-nazi seems like a stretch? But I guess you might call me one as well because I am critical of Israel and Zionist ideology. Nonetheless, I enjoy learning about and understanding all perceptions of reality (anti-realism anybody). In the process (research) my beliefs are generally confirmed, that a balanced view is the only way to inner peace, understanding and enlightenment (hubris anybody?). Keep up the good/bad work (depending who you talk to) :) Much Love
P.S. No child left behind was the stake in the heart of public education in the U.S.!!

the_last_name_left said...
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the_last_name_left said...

Just to add - apologies for slighting the 2 readers I do have, Marty and Socrates. I appreciate your comments, I didn't intend to diminish you to nothingness. ;)

socrates said...

Hi TLNL, I'm sorry for whatever health issues you are going through. You've got to take care of that and your lovely sister.

socrates said...

One other thing before I deal with Editor.

Sress is no good for health. This isn't a strategic time for you to be an atheist. Whatever spiritual strength you cam muster, do it. Smiling and good thoughts can help one's health. There's also diet. There's always hope.

socrates said...

Editor, anyone can check out your blogger profile and see what you are. I'm not the one asking for donations. It's also not my fault I'm well-educated and can research and write fast. Not only do you ask for donations, you have ads. Why would anyone care about your promotion of right woos left, conspiracy freak material? You basically link to nutjob websites while putting up ads and asking for donations. You represent a part and parcel of what's wrong with the internet. I have no time for such nonsense.

I do not like associating with people like you, editor. I never have and never will.

TLNL, This guy may be nicer than the Agent 99's and Big Dan's of the blogosphere, but he's from that same milieu. He links to Educate-Yourself. That's the lowest form of website there is. He links to Illuminati News. I have never liked these types. They are poison to good dialogue. They are poison to one's content. They are noise.

socrates said...

I found a couple stories related to US education.

Waiting for 'Superman'
Not just academic: Documentary underscores urgency of public school crisis

Are we raising a generation of nincompoops?

The first link concerns inequality. The second one may explain why dumbasses are all over the internet talking conspiracy theory crap. While a lot of it is being generated by grifters and perhaps even disinfo fockers say like Lyndon LaRouche, there are definitely idiots who buy into it.

I see a guy like Editor and how he has no problem being linked to Educate-Yourself, and I'm like no way am I going to interact with this fool or anyone else like it.