Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Rivero claims proxy-registrars are for "cointel" (!!!!!)

Nevermind that sooooo many of the links Rivero provides go to domains registered with Go-Daddy's proxy-registrar? HAHA. Rivero was even sponsored by one -

I found this one elsewhere too:

Interesting, no?


socrates said...

You might want to explain what these things mean. I can't make heads or tails of it based on these small clips with no links.

It's strange that Jooo haters versus Jooo haters lite are calling each other cointelpro.

I guess this is like slowing down traffic by staring at a horrific accident. We can't help but look.

The second example makes sense to me. There is an awkward alliance between some fake lefties and Rivero types who for some reason back the Iranian theocracy. Agent 99 of BradBlog has been an example of that. I've seen others.

If Rivero is so in the open, maybe he can explain why he was working for McDonnell Douglas, and why he has never mentioned it.

The hypocrisy about proxies is a good point. Tinoire has been a Go Daddy client. There is an off-shoot of Progressive Independent called Old Elm Tree. They too signed up for Go Daddy. There are a lot of internet providers. It's easy to find out that Go Daddy is a right wing controlled corporation. You'd think true lefties would have nothing to do with them. But then again, who'd a thunk self-describes commies like Tinoire would support Mike Rivero, vote for Ron Paul, and according to herself worked for military intelligence spying on the Russians.

A lot of things don't add up on the internet.

the_last_name_left said...

Can't make head or tail of it?

It's just Rivero claiming that proxy-registrars are an obvious avenue for intel-ops. (A definite avenue in RIvero's opinion....he doesn't seem to think there's any other reason one might choose an anonymous domain registration)

It's funny because Rivero has consistently linked to dodgy places registered through GoDaddy's proxy registrar - which he now denounces as "intel" operations. hehe.

He brought this up in regard to the Nazi who had attacked Rivero and Desertpeace for supposedly failing to attack Jews properly - apparently the dude is registered via godaddy's proxy.

Godaddy anon is "a cutout for intel ops" according to Rivero --- but it never stopped him linking to domains registered by the same people!

When did Rivero learn GoDaddy Anonymous was "a cutout for intel ops"?

Before or after he was sponsored one? (]

Before or after he promoted loads of them?

Rivero's full of shit. Obviously. I'm just confirming it, nothing new. :D

the_last_name_left said...

Interestingly the Nazi in question ( disputes commentators opinion that 'Hitler was a Jew'.

Adam? from says:

"I agree that the OUTCOME of what Hitler did was NOT GOOD for the entire world, but that doesn’t make Hitler jewish. Even jews will admit there is NO solid evidence for this, as well as most of the big name holohoax researchers. "

hehe - a Nazi getting defensive over suggestions Hitler was Jewish?

Or a provocateur drawing the line?

socrates said...

I just meant there were no links to see the whole context.

The point of Rivero's hypocrisy was well made. He links to all sorts of anonymous nobodies, neonazis to boot. There's his buddy the self-described lefty Tinore who claims to have worked for military intelligence. I'd really like someone to get up in Rivero's ugly face and question him about his old email address being on the world's largest military contractor's server. Now there's some big time hypocrisy. Mr. I Hate The NWO used to work for them but never mentions it. Some nobody slob like me had to discover it. Then there's the other stuff we came up with carrying on the legacy of the Mysterious S. Boyle, it'd be nice to get some answers on that crap.

It is surreal that you have hardcore neonazis battling it out with mainstream neonazis like Rivero.

Was Hitler Jewish somewhere back in his genealogy? It's possible, though I never looked into it. I do know that Hitler got hit by mustard spray in WW1 and also suffered from extreme bowel discomfort. Maybe that's more of an explanation for him going crazy than finding out he was 1/1,000 Jooooo.

So Rivero is a Joooooo if one goes back to the inquisition. In this dumbass drama, I guess that means Rivero is a good Jooo. I'll give Rivero credit for one thing. He doesn't come right out like those did at his Unofficial forum for example and start talking up Joooos as evil because of genetics. He does seem to somehow link to them a lot however.

Rivero had a good run. He was getting linked to quite a bit. But somewhere over the last few years, he found himself totally out of the mainstream blogs. When Alex Jones kicks you to the curb, you have to know the gig is up, and that the only people taking him seriously at this point are Stormfront types.