Saturday, 1 October 2011


The Independent is reporting that the USA is threatening to cut aid of $200m to Palestine if they pursue statehood at UN.

Back in March, Rivero said : "the US should be using foreign aid as a "stick" as well as a carrot".

Let's see what Rivero says about the USA using foreign aid as a stick against Palestine. There's no news at WRH for October 1st as of yet (it's still AM here in UK).

Somehow we know he won't be applauding.

UPDATE. Rivero/WRH's response is in. Are they applauding the use of foreign aid as "a stick"? No. Big shock. There are several articles about the story linked at WRH. Here's Rivero's own responses:
These Congressional Committees have demonstrated, without a shadow of a doubt, in this move to whom they report; and it is not to We the People of the United States, but those in the bowels of power in Tel Aviv.
Report: US blocks $200 million in aid to PA

Which the Saudis immediately cover! So, I guess Israel will throw another tantrum that it cannot have its way and torment the Palestinians without interference, and order the US Government to attack Saudi Arabia, spilling lots more American blood into the dust of the oil fields.

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