Friday, 28 October 2011

Advocates of spending cuts now lament spending cuts

Previously Rivero et al had criticised the lack of spending cuts. Now they want a General Strike because of.....spending cuts.

Rivero supports Ron Paul, whose recent plan to "restore America" plans for $1 trillion cuts immediately.

Moreover, for years Rivero and co have been touting abolition of income tax and also claiming it is unconstitutional. They've promoted "Freedom to Fascism" and such junk....but now they protest cuts in spending.

Where's the sense to this? It's complete opportunism. Anything goes, so long as it's critical of government.

Here's another example of the confusion/hypocrisy: this was posted at WRH -
Rivero's response?
I don't think this really came from OWS. It's another "They are all socialists" propaganda hoax.
Ah, it's a hoax. Rivero knows these things.

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