Wednesday, 26 October 2011

You have been blocked by the owner of this video


socrates said...

I blocked someone from my youtube channel who had subscribed to my page. (By the way, I tidied it up and made it much more user-friendly. You should check it out for some free, quality entertainment.)

I checked out his schtick, and he turned out to be some right wing extremist.

The big difference is that while I do have a progressive agenda, my channel is not some open political forum. There is some editorial effort put into my place, but it is only within the choices I have made on what's displayed. Part of that editorial work includes who I allow to subscribe, who I subscibe to, and who I become friends with.

I don't think you should have been blocked. It was from a page containing political content It wasn't a so-called vanity page. I know you. You're not one to curse or in general be an arse.

Man, I just watched a brilliant documentary on the Vietnam War. Talk about war crimes. Maybe you could do a piece on Ho Chi Minh.

He actually armed the civilians with anti-aircraft and other weaponry. The Amerikkkans had no chance of taking over that country. There is power in numbers that no military might can overwhelm.

I'm glad you're still blogging strong. I'm still a bit burnt out. I'll probably make a comeback in the future. For now, I'm content to have tuned in, turned on, and then dropped out. As Schwarzenegar said in The Terminator, "I'll be back."

socrates said...

I'm also curious why the link is spelled and not youtube. That seems fishy.

the_last_name_left said...

Pretty sure it's just a shortened URL. For the Twits, you know?

Yes, you're right - getting banned from political toobs (FOR HAVING A DIFFERENT OPINION !!!! OMFG!!!) is.....yeah. lol.

Comments on youtube can often be of the most idiotic and vicious sort. So much so that I often find them hilarious, because they're so bad. Super vicious, super dumb. Funny.

Then there are all these "political" morons who take themselves so damn seriously they can't abide the stain of a different POV, even from some bleeding-heart commie like me.

Oh, yeah - and guess what the most distinctive shared characteristic is of these jumped-up morons whom ban me? Yes, they're all American constitutionalists, lovers of the 1st amendment, complainers about mass media, about YouTube censorship.....

They can censor me, but YouTube can't censor them - banning their Holocaust denial filth is a sin against the universe. Rah rah rah.

"What about the Constitution YOUTUBE OMFGGGG???Sieg Heil!!!" Hilarious.

That last one seemed to be some (black?) dude with a few vids against racism? He had a little thing up - "As seen on What Really Happened". I asked if he knew WRH still had some Curt Maynard articles hosted, and if he knew Rivero had promoted Maynard for years. Result - YOU IZ BANNED.

Right on, moron! :D

On Vietnam? Crikey. It's beyond my ken to keep clear WTF happened there. What a complicated mess that was. Crazy. The history of Vietnam is tragic, I know that much.

On the mooovie stuff - I wish I could engage, but I really can't. It must seem like wilful stubbornness on my part, but it really isn't. It might be a poor attention span, though I think it's more the passive nature of watching.

What was this right-wing dude about then?

socrates said...

You are correct about that thingie. I guess sometimes something smelling fishy is just something irrelevant. Like wow, they save three spaces. Whoop-de-doo.

There is definitely mucho hypocrisy with libertarians. They are historical right woos left. They are lipstick on a pig. The famous bumper sticker out of New Hampshire is, "Take wy dog. Take my wife. But don't take my gun." Like not funny.

Youtube is a joke, because there is a hard limit on the amount of words one can write in a post. Plus, it's unlikely that many are going to keep going back to it as folks are more likely to with traditional threads.

Yahoo is also well-known for having a high caliber of obnoxious, inane comments. Huffington Post is up there too, but because the pages take forever to load, no one cares anymore. Those two are also similar to youtube in that few are likely to keep going back to specific threads. Here today, gone tomorrow for those.

You sound like a typical dude with your poor attention span. We are notorious for being too liberal with remote controls.

You should definitely check out Ho Chi Minh. He was a Marxist who had 80% support, because he was primarily a nationalist. The US created a civil war where none existed. They supported the corrupt dumbasses in the South. When they got their heads chopped off or something like that, the US moved in with their seek and destroy policy. The North supplied their citizens with weapons. The US soldiers deserved to get killed in the numbers they did. The smart ones with morals deserted. Others were lucky to make it back.

Of all the Vietnam vets I've asked about what they saw, not one would talk. That's because they know they were part of a criminal enterprise. Kennedy might have gotten knocked off, because he said he'd never fight the war, that if the south lost, the US would not move in. That's a more likely scenario for a conspiracy than that federal reserve thingie, imho. Now there's a conspiracy that's difficult to debunk. Some people like yourself try to debunk nearly everything out of habit, imho. Google Gulf of Tonkin. There's one that can't be debunked. It was similar to the weapons of mass destruction hoax used by GW, Rice, Cheney, Rumsfeld et al to prosecute their own illegal war crimes.

the_last_name_left said...

haha - funny post.

I have read quite a bit on Vietnam, probably mostly by John Pilger. It's just so complicated to keep it straight. Well, it was for me, back when I read the stuff. Also, as usual, all those non-european names and places I find hard to follow.

I liked the Oliver Stone film on Kennedy. I did get interested in it back in early noughties, but I think it ended up being foundational to my dislike of conspiracy stuff, because it's too vague, too open to guesswork, speculation, manipulation. I'm happy to just conclude it's a mess, and obviously murky as hell. I like things simple, I guess.

On the attention span, I'm not sure as other things can keep my attention for a long time. Or at least they used to. Girlfriends always used to complain "You're not still reading that...." lol. So, I dunno. Why was I reading instead of screwing? Stupid boy!!!

I think I really must have been operating as if that Tshirt saying was true : "Computer games wrecked my life - nevermind, still 2 lives left" :D

socrates said...

You're not the only bloke to have some regrets with certain chicks from the past. It happens.

I agree with you certain topics can be a hassle to sort through because of foreign name and whatnot.

Then there is the situation like you point out with the JFK conspiracy stuff where there is simply too much to wade through.

It is a mystery why we as individuals can vary so much on what holds our interests. It's actually a good thing. It would be a boring world if we all thought the same. Though on the flip side, it is nice to find so-called kindred spirits. Just look at how a bunch of us bonded on right woos left, with probably Rivero being at the center of it before he fell hard. Yes, Rivero is finally cemented as a caricature of the conspiracy freak with connections to holocaust denial. Nowadays it is obvious. But back in the day, before that, it felt groovy to hear one say, "I hear you, brother."

I am kindred to you in what you just wrote. Certain things will capture my full attention, to the point where I dread them coming to an end, like a book or movie I truly dig.

But I also find things tough to keep reading or watching, even when they have gotten good reviews and deep down I accept it's good stuff.

As for video games, I don't know anyone who doesn't like those. Anyone saying so is lying. Of course, we're all gonna have our own preferences and dislikes like with anything else. I grew up on atari and then nintendo. I used to like that game combat. Pacman wasn'r that fun. I don't know why it was so popular. Asteroids was wicked awesome, but those things broke up too quick, and I never got too far. More than video games, I enjoyed playing pinball. But even there I became fussy. I like a machine that allows tilting but won't break down. I think pinball became a dinosaur because of that. It snowballed. Less people played them, while less people knew how to fix them. Maybe video games also helped kill off pinball. Music videos definitely put a dent into radio. Reality tv has killed off television. This is definitely a low point for culture, imho.

the_last_name_left said...

Pacman was great though.

I'm sure it was video games that destroyed pinball. That was never very big in UK, though I played it a few times. Can't remember the last time I ever saw a table. Computer versions of it are pretty good now. ;)

It was the mechanical nature of the thing that finished them off, i suspect. Fiddly to fix, like you say - all those moving parts. Yikes.

You know you can get all those old arcade games on PC through an emulator? It uses the original code from the machines, so they're identical to the originals.

MAME is the name - Multi Arcade Machine Emulator, I think. It has Asteroids, and everything else, so you can finally get past the first few levels? ;) You have to press a key to put 10p (10c?) in, and it makes the exact same noise the originals did. Quite a buzz at first.....smash the 10p's in like you always wanted to, but never could, lol.

One thing you quickly realise is how primitive they are. And how bloody difficult they are. They didn't give you much for your 10p, although when you mastered a particular one, some games could last like 1/2 hour. Pacman was probably my best....

I always liked defender and robotron too, but was never any good. A friend got a perfect robotron copy on a PS a few years back - and we destroyed the mystique as he got so good at it he could play for hours, even when the screen was just a mass of bullets and exploding robots. Hmmm - forget it.

I have finally lost the will to play games. It's been coming a few years, but I have no will to bother any more. I have been saying for quite some time that gaming is missing something now - they're all variations on the same thing, and they seem to have lost the thing of it being simply a pleasure to engage in. I'm sick of the competitive aspect, and the same old empty and hollow rigmarole. They seriously need a new aspect, something that makes them fun for their own sake. I suspect what's missing is a complexity that can only come from reality/humans/fuzzy logic.

It's funny - by chance you and I are amongst the first wave of many things, and have been all our lives. Once we're gone no-one will remember Pacman.....the demise of pinball....walky talkies with wires..... :D

socrates said...

I don't know if it's related to Ernie losing a post, but mine here got chewed up and unfortunately I forgot to save it.

He didn't delete it, because only admins can completely delete all trace of a post, unless I'm mistaken.

While we were in the Generation X wave, and it appears we are the end of history, there will always be others after who'll keep hope alive by paying homage to the elders who came before them.

I suspect your loss of love for video games is reflective on a downward spiral of quality. Like you say, nothing can ever match pure brain puzzlers. Special effects can never outdo basic humanity.

Darn, I really wish I had saved that post. It's a strain to try to rewrite it. Plus we're experiencing some form of Welsh type rain. It's turning me brain into mush, laddie.