Monday, 10 October 2011

Rivero's phony anti-fascism

Here's Rivero, laughably defining Capitalism, Socialism, Commmunism and Fascism:
Okay, one more time, and please take notes; there may be a quiz on this material next class!

A Capitalist system is one in which if you make a lot of money you get to keep it, and if you lose a lot of money you have to pay off that debt all by yourself. That is what the United States started out to be.

Socialism, or communism, is a system where if you make money, it is taxed from you and spent on society and if you lose money, society's taxes are used to cover the loss. That is what they used to do in the USSR and still do in many European nations with high living standards.

Fascism is where if you make money you get to keep it, but if you lose money all of society is forced to cover the losses. And after $27 trillion in bailouts taken from the American people to pay for Wall Street's criminal mortgage-backed securities fraud (the biggest financial swindle in history), it is obvious to any unbiased observer that the United States, for all its pretensions to the contrary, has failed as a capitalist system and has devolved to a fascist economic state.

So, what OccupyINSERTYOURTOWNHERE is protesting against is not Capitalism, but Fascism. And the next question is, unless you abuse yourself to pictures of Benito Mussolini late at night, why aren't you out there standing shoulder to shoulder with them?
Since when was fascism about crony capitalism and corporate welfare? When did this become the definition of fascism? Rather, fascism made this type of criticism against capitalism.

Why doesn't Rivero say this to his friends and fellow-travellers, such as Willis Carto, The American Free Press, The IHR, the Adelaide Institute, John De Nugent, etc? If loving Mussolini is so bad, why do so many of his favoured sources do it?

Setting up a false definition of fascism means one can attack a strawman whilst avoiding being identified one's self as the real thing.

Fascism is ultra-nationalism if it is anything, a characteristic entirely absent from Rivero's phony definition. Fascism was also anti-socialist and sought not the abolition of class (as communism does), but rather a means to bind the classes in subservience to a greater idea - that of the nation - blood and soil. Crony capitalism would be a betrayal of fascism, of sorts, exploiting the people for the sake of 'the few'. Similarly, 'globalisation' is antagonistic to fascism, as it is an internationalisation of capital which pits pursuit of capital interests against those of nationalism (eg offshoring of production, loss of jobs overseas, capital flight.)

Fascism's anti-capitalism was really anti-degenerate-capitalism ie anti-Jewish capitalism: the Jews were blamed for the degeneracy, much as Rivero blames them (and their supposed lack of commitment to national interest). The classic idea is of the stateless Jew, interested in greedy pursuit of capital at the expense of the 'host' nation's interest and those of it's "real" citizens - the essence of Rivero's complaint.

In an earlier post by Rivero about the OccupyWallSt protests, and Glen Beck's response to it, Rivero says that
"this movement isn't about left or right; the old paradigms have ceased to work"
Well, actually that's an historic claim of fascism which fashioned itself as "the third way". Rivero also says:
what I have seen happening over the last decade is this country pursuing immoral wars without end, which are not making Americans any safer; a deliberate destruction of the middle class, through offshoring; the impoverishment of people who now cannot make their house payments, getting pushed into abject poverty, and sleeping in homeless camps through no fault of their own.
Remember, Rivero is no socialist. So what is he really saying there? Rivero adds:
I see a government which is so co-opted by corporate influence that this country now has a government of the corporations, by the corporations, and for the corporations.
Oh, suddenly it's corporate influence that controls America.....not Tel it was last week. However, if we read "corporate influence" as meaning the influence of "degenerate Jewish capitalism" then we have essentially the same meaning as blaming Tel Aviv. Rivero again:
I see a parasitical Federal Reserve....
In a previous comment the same day Rivero claims:
Israel wants #OccupyAMERICA destroyed.
Hmmmm. And this:
Rush Limbaugh is an idiot serving his Israel masters by trying to discredit OccupyAMERICA

Israel has issued their orders to all the servants in the US Government and media to derail Occupy AMERICA by any means necessary
Is that the "corporate influence" Rivero says is running and ruining America? Just a few days ago Rivero was complaining that:
These Congressional Committees have demonstrated, without a shadow of a doubt, in this move to whom they report; and it is not to We the People of the United States, but those in the bowels of power in Tel Aviv.
So, corporate influence.....or Tel Aviv? Or are they actually the same thing for Rivero?

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