Friday, 28 October 2011

Here's a good one - Rivero, Ron Paul, OWS and Taxes

Here's Ron Paul speaking of taxes in his "Restore America" manifesto:
Lowers the corporate tax rate to 15%, making America competitive in the global market. Allow American companies to repatriate capital without additional taxation, spurring trillions in new investment.
And here's Mike Rivero, supporter of Ron Paul, writing about the repatriation of corporate taxes:
In an iconic example of how Congress puts big-money interests above others, bipartisan momentum is growing on Capitol Hill for a repatriation tax holiday — a huge, temporary reduction in the tax rate on money brought back to the U.S. from offshore tax havens. Critics say the repatriation tax holiday is a multi-billion-dollar tax giveaway to the world’s biggest multinational companies, with nothing in it for domestic businesses or ordinary Americans.
Hmmm. Hypocrite.

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