Sunday, 23 October 2011

David Icke on OWS - He's Discovered Fractional Reserve Banking (lol)

He makes out that it takes 'research' to discover fractional reserve banking (FRB). He also seems to blame recession on it, rather than the business cycle.

He says if OWS is to mean anything it must end the ability of private banks to lend money by FRB. [ *want* a credit crunch, Dave?]

He repeats the fallacy of there being insufficient money to pay off the debt.

Clearly he's a financial neophyte.

Boom and bust are "manufactured" he says. 'They flood credit, then find an "excuse" to remove the credit from circulation."

Hmmm. Very sophisticated.

He says in a recession the banks take back land and houses, taking "the real wealth"....because they weren't paid back the money they "made from fresh air" and which "never existed, and never will exist".

Funny, how can people buy "real wealth" with "money that doesn't exist"? If people borrow 'phony cash' from the bank for a property mortgage, then how phony is the money? He doesn't mind people borrowing phony money to exchange for "real wealth", he only complains when the bank exercises its contractual right to reclaim the security - suddenly it's "phony money" and a scam. Rubbish.

Don't like it? Don't do it. Stop blaming the banks. If one can buy "real wealth" with this "phony money" then this "phony money" is real wealth too. Duh.

Then he says "some group" are behind banks, government and industry. A handful of people. And they want total control over's called globalisation he says.....yawn. World government that will dictate all major laws. A world bank. A world army.....(apparently he means NATO). Libya he says. Rah rah rah.

"The Euro wasn't supposed to work....." - supposedly evidence of a move to a one-world currency. Eh?

"The EU is a fascist dictatorship......or a communist dictatorship.....whatever you want to call it...."

hahaha. Yeah, call it whatever you like, words don't mean a thing, right?

I can't take anymore.

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