Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Rivero's hypocrisy.....again

Here's Rivero's 'Thought for the Day' - written by himself: about how borders are just 'lines on a map'.

Yes, sure, great sentiment. Nothing new to international socialism, but there we go.

However, here's a selection of Rivero's previous comments relating to immigration - what happened to his sentiment expressed in 'Thought for the Day'?

And those are just the 'immigration' stories Rivero has commented under the section 'Immigration/NAU'. There are many other articles promoted there, all anti-immigration, just Rivero hasn't directly commented. The articles wouldn't be promoted at WRH if Rivero didn't agree.


And of course, over Israel/Palestine Rivero's call for ignoring borders is in sharp contrast to his real views:
MR: Another claim that Israel likes to make is that Palestine never really existed to start with.

Again, maps tell a different story.
Oh, now those lines on the maps are suddenly very important. Right.....


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