Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Killing of an American Nazi

Killing of an American Nazi

By his 10 yr old son

Look at those idiots?

The Nazi killed by his son had previously stood for election in California - receiving 30% of the vote, so they claim. wow.

The photo-journalist who spent 12 months with the NationalSocialistMovement before the murder was Julie Platner, her website is here.



Seems he ran in an election for the local water board (whatever that is)

October 19, 2010|By Tony Barboza, Los Angeles Times
Political newcomer Jeff Hall has run a discreet campaign trying to unseat an incumbent on an obscure Riverside County water board. He hasn't posted any signs, didn't show up to a candidates forum and lists no occupation on the November ballot.

But Hall is well-known as a white supremacist.

Hall's bid for a seat on the board of directors of the Western Municipal Water District has drawn outcry from community groups dismayed that a neo-Nazi who has held racist rallies at a day laborer center and a synagogue wants to administer their water — or at least gain publicity in the quest to do so.

Running the water board? Ah well.

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