Sunday, 11 September 2011

ADL criticise Ryan Dawson

The ADL have criticised 911 Troof conspiracism, including Ryan Dawson, AKA Rys2Sense.

Dawson responded in an open letter thus:
It seems to me that the ADL wants to quickly paint questioning 911 as akin to racism in order to prevent investigation.
Dawson says this even though in his own most recent video he himself criticises the presence of Joooo obsessed Troofers in his 'movement' - including people promoting William Pierce's National Alliance and "jew this, jew that".

So Dawson's own video vindicates the general point of the ADL's criticism of 911 Troof.

But anyway, WhatReallyHappened linked to a website carrying the ADL's criticism of 911 Truth and Ryan Dawson. The website is called 'theinfounderground', the specific page is here.

Ryan Dawson's letter appears in a thread introduced as "ADL goes after Ryan Dawson and Mike Delany".

Folowwing the letter, there are some revealing responses. The first:
Fuck the ADL
We support our 2 friends

Word for Word truth from our 2 friends
Friends? Third response:
Yeah... I guess our buddies Mike D. and Ryan D. are "capturing" the younger generation to a degree...their Anti-Jew Scam videos on 9/11 must have hit a "magic" number... ADL Scam J'Tards always fear the next generation is going give them the boot!
Buddies? Their Anti-Jew Scam videos on 911?

This is right after Dawson's letter in which he is claiming his 'movement' is not anti-semitic, and that the ADL uses criticism of anti-semitism as a means to protect Israel!

Well, Dawson is either ignorant of his precious 'movement' or he is being dishonest about its (anti-semitic) character.

A later entry in the thread links another page elsewhere but which was also directly linked to from WhatReallyHappened. At this page the first lines read:
"Being labeled an "anti-Semite" is an honor these days. All it means is someone who is against the Jewish criminal gang that dominates the global power structure."
The old anti-semite as hero malarkey.

This was linked to from a site of which Ryan Dawson is a member - Dawson and the webmaster Mike Rivero seem pretty chummy, they've long been promoting each other, now they're calling themselves "the real truth movement" yada yada.

But Dawson isn't an anti-semite.....and his movement isn't either. So he says.

Well, what about linking direct to these clearly anti-semitic places and them treating Ryan Dawson as a friend and buddy? These people are yanking the chain on anti-semitism.......yet they consider Ryan 'anti-racist' Dawson a friend!


According to Dawson, himself and Rivero are 'the real Truth movement'.

Whilst Dawson is opining about how 911 Troof is not anti-semitic we have his ally Rivero linking to all sorts of crud and proving that it most certainly is anti-semitic.

And these people - Rivero and Dawson - are supposedly "allies"?

Hardly makes sense, does it?

Seems they say the same things, except Dawson denies anti-semitism whilst Rivero promotes it.

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