Monday, 12 September 2011

FBI documents on "5 dancing Israelis"

Someone has used FOIA to obtain the FBI documents for their investigation into the infamous "5 dancing Israelis" of 911, often supposed by conspiracists to be direct evidence of Israeli responsibility, an 'inside job', whatever.

The documents are available via a blogpost, here. The website is called, Zionism Stinks. At least they proclaim their bias, eh?

Read the entire document as I did (500 pages of forms) and one is left with the near-certainty that there's absolutely nothing to this story. Absolutely nothing.

The real story is how such a paucity of cause has led to 10 years of suspicion, and direct claims of Israeli-state involvement. Ridiculous.

I can only see the whole thing as an illustration of prejudice. How else to explain 10 years of claims about (Jewish/Israeli) conspiracy? The documents simply do not provide any justification for it.

People like Rivero use people like Ryan Dawson to make outrageous claims, all to serve an anti-semitic and conspiracist agenda. People like Ryan Dawson bleat that they aren't anti-semitic, yet they embrace and promote people such as Mike Rivero, and sources and audiences such as

The fact is, the far-right seek to discredit and undermine confidence in the democratic-liberal state, whilst simultaneously blaming Jews for it. They make use of whomever and whatever they can.

This "dancing Israeli" rubbish is just one vector for the process.

Of course "Israeli" doesn't quite strictly mean "Jew", but it's close enough for the anti-semite. That's the value of people like Ryan Dawson to Rivero - Dawson doesn't have to say "JEW", Rivero can say it, and each of their audiences understands what is meant anyway. Who doesn't? To illustrate:

Dawson writes explicitly that "911 was the Mossad." Attempting to innoculate himself from charges of anti-semitism, he adds: "Understand that Israel is not Jewish people OK please get that through your warped heads."

(Why does he think every reader's head is warped?)

So, 'Israel is not Jewish people'? Ok. But then what race and religion is he referring to here when he expounds on the real perps:
[Mossad]is not an Israeli intelligence agency per say it is a terrorist agency for the military industrial complex which feeds off of the hatred of the bigots and useful idiots concentrated in Israel. The US and Israel are not really different countries in a way. The US and Israeli agencies and their Neocon governments work for their own interests and those interests are guided by a racist, political ideology mixed up with a fascist version of a religion and Straussian philosophy.
Sorry, but the carefully avoided word there is "JEW" - in both the religious and ethnic senses. If they are guided by racism, then what race is meant if not Jew? And likewise the 'fascist religion' - what does that mean if not Judaism? It's disingenuous of Dawson to claim he doesn't target Jews or Judaism - he clearly does - but in a convoluted fashion.

This is how "dancing Israelis" becomes anti-semitism.

I noted previously how Dawson had turned the "dancing Israeli" story from myth and conjecture into solid fact. He claims:
"individuals were caught on 911 with explosives.....and worked for an intelligence agency of a foreign country that benefited from 911.....and lied about Anthrax, the war and everything that followed it..."
Mossad and Israel....which according to Dawson supposedly run America for their own interests - ie of the Jewish race and the Jewish religion.

The utility of this to the anti-semitic far-right is obvious and seems the most likely reason for Rivero's patronage and promotion of Dawson.

But check the actual FBI documents and there is absolutely no reason to imagine the 'dancing' Israelis were Mossad agents. They're a bunch of punks, at least one of which was found in possession of a hash bong-pipe (illegal). They were working for a boss who purposefully employed illegals so as to underpay them and to avoid payroll taxes - and whom one employee described to the FBI as "a crook". Another interviewee described one of the supposed perps as "a clown" and incapable of involvement in 911. Moreover, none of the photos the 'dancers' took showed the WTC before the first plane had hit. They, along with the rest of NewYork, only took an interest in the WTC after the first plane had hit and the building began burning/smoking.

The FBI (seemingly perfectly appropriately) concluded there was no reason whatsoever to imagine these people were involved and so handed jurisdiction to the INS (because of visa expiry issues) before their subsequent deportation. There seems to be absolutely nothing in any of it re 911, Mossad, inside-job, explosives, truck-bombs.......NOTHING.

Yet in the hands of 'the Real 911 Troof movement" - such as Dawson and Rivero - this non-story becomes the foundation of a vast anti-semitic tale of unchecked Israeli and Mossad subversion of America explaining everything from the Anthrax attacks to the banking crisis, the Iraq war and most everything else.

Even as Dawson claims he doesn't target Jews or Judaism, he clearly does. Moreover, his work (outrageous unsupported cconspiracism) is promoted by anti-semites such as Rivero, with Dawson's full consent and support. Dawson even stated he was 'happy to get the traffic' when David Duke promoted him.

When the ADL (accurately) criticise such people for using their outrageous unfounded claims to promote anti-semitic conspiracism, Dawson & Rivero et al just add the ADL to the conspiracy, and flat-out deny the charges (which they nevertheless feel a need to misrepresent rather than properly address).

911 conspiracy is the biggest lot of rot I have ever come across. It is no surprise that in 10 years 'the movement' has produced nothing of substance and has gained no traction, crackpots notwithstanding. What a waste of 10 years.

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