Saturday, 3 September 2011

Alex Jones publishes OpEd News.....attacking Bilderberg and 'neo-liberalism'

An interesting mix - Alex Jones who is a paid-up and active Ron Paul supporter publishes OpEdNews articles, a place which describes itself as "Liberal Progressive Tough". The OpEdNews article at Prisonplanet attacks privatisation of neo-liberalism, writing of the Trilateral Commission that:
Many of its members are also Bilderbergers with the same mutual interests for the development of globalization, the so-called economics of 'neo-liberalism' including wholesale privatization of anything that moves, the new world order and corporate capitalist totalitarianism.
Now there's clearly something amiss here.

OpEdNews claims to be 'progressive liberal and tough'. But its article has been published at Alex Jones' Prisonplanet. Nevermind that Jones thinks even traditional conservatives are socialists....? That Obama's a commie.....and that it's a bad thing. So what's he doing publishing a supposedly 'liberal' opinion piece? And what is a supposedly progressive opinion piece doing at Prisonplanet?

One would imagine from OpEd news that they'd like a far more progressive Presidency than Obama's. And yet their opinion piece can be published at ultra-conservative Alex Jones' Prisonplanet......

And criticising privatisation and neo-liberalism too? If Ron Paul stands for anything it is surely privatisation - he seeks to abolish taxation and the entire federal government welfare program.

Aside from Ron Paul's tactic of playing to American Nationalism he is basically inseparable from neo-liberalism.

Elsewhere Alex Jones (and Mike Rivero et al) attack Pinochet's Chile as neo-liberalism, as part of the Chicago Boys complaint.

Sure, but quite how Ron Paul is so different to what went into the Chile experiment is never explained. Because it is impossible to explain - Ron Paul supports all the things of the Chile experiment.

Ron Paul is a supporter of privatisation, and generally of what has come to crudely be called 'neo-liberalism' - liberalisation of markets, finance, labour, regulation etc. In principle he would fully support what is usually meant by 'neoliberalism', and he would support the measures undertaken in Pinochet's and The Chicago Boys' Chile.

So what are Alex Jones and Mike Rivero doing when criticising neo-liberalism and Chile whilst supporting Ron Paul? It's incoherent.

Again, here's INFOWARS this time:
Iceland Pushes Back Against Neolib Bankers
If they're going to criticise privatisation, why support Ron 'privatisation' Paul?

If they're going to criticise neo-liberalism, why support Ron uber-liberal Paul?

And likewise, if OpEd News are going to criticise those things, what on earth are they doing bringing in the Illuminati and Bilderberg? What on earth are they doing publishing things that Alex Jones sees fit to print? How 'progressive' can it be if Alex Jones will print it?

Really, they're all saying the same things......without a clue as to what they're really saying. Neither supposed 'progressive' nor supposed 'conservative' really understand their own position, else they would recognise their own contradiction.

So, they either don't understand what they're doing......and it's just a mess.....or they do understand what they're doing, and it's a controlled purposeful cross-message.

The original OpEdNews article is here.

It's authored by someone called Rory Winter whom has a blog "Chimes of Freedom - A Dissident's Take on the News that the Corporate Media Lie About".

The most recent entry is July, "France Says NATO Bombing Has Failed - By FRANKLIN LAMB". Yes, well......not surprised they haven't posted since. Nevermind reality, eh?

One of the blogs recent entries read thus:
Decentralized Global Rebellion against Neoliberal Economic Policies

In this edition of Press TV's On the Edge with Max Keiser, Max discusses the link between the worker's struggle in Wisconsin and the revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia with the journalist and blogger, David DeGraw.

DeGraw believes what we are seeing in Wisconsin, Egypt, Tunisia and all over the world is a decentralized global rebellion against neo-liberal global economic policies. He believes the Federal Reserve, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, the IMF and the World Bank are the constituents of this destructive force.
The post includes a ubiquitous PRESSTV (Iranian state media) report. (Conspiros always have PRESSTV or RussiaToday (RT) videos. Text is too much - it has to be a vid. And it has to come from Russia or Iran to be truly believable. lol)

THE WORKER'S STRUGGLE IN WISCONSIN EH??? Should be workers', no? But what a strange thing to see from someone published at Prisonplanet. The Workers' Struggle......sounds like......Lenin and Marx...not Prisonplanet...and certainly not Ron Paul (RP believes American workers are cosseted and overpaid.)

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