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Rys2Sense - a slowly evolving consciousness?

Rys2Sense aka Ryan Dawson webmaster of has a new video. For once there's a novelty - at least a few minutes of genuine interest.

Somewhere in the middle of this video Ryan Dawson seems finally to be properly recognising some of the problems with Troofiness, anti-semitism and the far-right.

Nevertheless he immediately switches back to claiming Israel did 911, and Zionism this, and Zionism that, rah rah rah. But for a few moments he seems to be actually beginning to distinguish racism, anti-semitism and the presence of the far-right within what he calls "the movement" (911 Troof Movement). He even mentions people saying "jew this, jew that". (What about Zionist this, Zionist that? Doh!)

It will be interesting to see what sort of response he gets. I suspect he seriously underestimates the influence of fascism on 911 Troof and his audience. One example - he claims himself, Sibel Edmonds and Rivero are 'the real truth movement'.

It's quite astonishing for him to say such a thing considering his video and the criticism of racism in "the movement". Likewise when one sees him responding in the comments thread over at WhatReallyHappened, surrounded by obvious and blatant anti-semitism conjured for the purpose of Rivero.

What are the comments of a supposed 'anti-racist' like Ryan Dawson doing amongst the anti-semitism of WhatReallyHappened? Why does Dawson think Rivero attracts such people? Can't he see it? Can't he see how absurd it looks to be found amongst that crowd - saying what they do - at the same time he's criticising racism within 'the movement' in his video?

But not only has Ryan Dawson been amongst such people for years he even claims Rivero/WRH is "the real 911 Truth Movement".

Oh, so it must be just bad luck that Rivero attracts the audience he does. And it's just blind chance that Ryan Dawson is to be found amomgst them, sharing much of the same audience. It's got nothing to do with people actually digging the Jew-bashing.......? It's got nothing to do with the fact their content attracts the far-right, racists and anti-semites? Sure.

In the video Dawson relates some tale about getting a little too mixed-up with people into William Pierce. To his credit he disowns them. However, Dawson doesn't seem to quite understand the issue - how is it he is getting too close to such people in the first place? They're your audience Ryan......that's Rivero's audience, his friends and colleagues, his fellow-travellers. It isn't LUCK.

I mean, does he understand Rivero or even his own audience? Doesn't he read what Rivero writes? Doesn't he read the comments from his fellow WRH members? Doesn't he see the comments at YouTube and at his website when he posts stupid Holocaust denial videos? Does he not pick-up the far-right agenda and memes running throughout his own website forum?

Perhaps he's beginning to notice. I sense something a little changed in his consciousness and I can only imagine it will develop, especially now he's mentioning the problem. What will his audience say? How will his beloved Troof Movement respond? It can surely only confirm what appears to be his emerging, more conscious thoughts.

Here's the vid, dated Sept 10th, 2011:

It's worth comparing his position on the video with the article and comments he responded to at WRH on the same day. [Go to bottom of entry for Dawson and others' comments.] Example:
We know WHO did 9/11.

9/11 was jews.
9/11 was Israel.
9/11 was zionists.

How many rats have to carry the plague, before you start exterminating rats?

Anti-semitic? You betcha. If you're not anti-semitic, my question to you is; WHY NOT?
Ryan Dawson hasn't quite got his eyes open yet, has he? He's got a way to go.

I wonder how much of an audience he will have left if he continues pursuing these themes and developing his consciousness so. Interesting to watch what will happen.


Lots of things to complain about in the video. Taking just one - he says "individuals were caught on 911 with explosives.....and worked for an intelligence agency of a foreign country that benefited from 911.....and lied about Anthrax, the war and everything that followed it..."



But who was found with explosives? And did they work for Mossad, or some such? It isn't as simple as Ryan Dawson believes. Not at all.

Does he seriously think an operation to demolish the twin towers was setup just that morning? They only just finished rigging the demolition early that day hence they were driving around NYC in a van of explosives on 911.....? Seriously?

Anyway, here's an excellent page debunking this story.

Troofers and haters quote the original news sources from 911, but never the corrections which followed a few minutes later. The corrections added that contrary to earlier reports the trucks DID NOT contain explosives. Apart from that, there's nothing else to the story.

Dawson not only claims rumours from the day as fact (truck-bomb attack against Washington Bridge), he mixes up the story with another about "the 5 dancing Israelis". The 5 dancing Israelis suddenly become the truck-bombers......and as they simply must work for MOSSAD then for Dawson the whole story of 911, Anthrax and 'the wars' explains itself. Zionism!!! Dun Dun Dun!!! Surprised, right?

That's how these Troofers roll.......


Oh, and I can't comment directly on RyanDawson's YouTube video because I am still banned - he refuses to allow me to post. Troof.

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