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S Boyle,,

S Boyle wrote an article about the apparent connections between Mike Rivero of and, amongst other things, and the SpecialForcesUnderground. responded with threats of legal action, seemingly based on their assertions that S Boyle was completely wrong to make any connection between Rivero/WRH and

But we have a letter to a US attorney which somehow manages to give Rivero's address as IDENTICAL to that of Here:

It says:

Michael Rivero
20500 W. Country Club Drive
Aventura, Florida 33180

S Boyle had said that: (defunct) is/was owned by LLC is ALSO owned by AND each carried their own interview with Rivero - apparently written by one J Conti.

" is a division of the PMC4, LLC family.
The PMC4, LLC Corporate Office is located in Aventura Florida."

GoOff! lists their address as
20500 W. Country Club Drive
Suite # 814
Aventura, Florida 33180

PMC4 lists their address as
20500 W. Country Club Dr.
Suite 814
Aventura, Florida 33280

Clearly those are all the same address. And yet, S Boyle was threatened with legal action by for making an association between and Michael Rivero / WRH.

Here are the emails sent to S Boyle, threatening legal action for making what they claim are spurious connections and insinuations about having a relationship with Mike Rivero/

Bankindex Staff wrote:
Dear S. Boyle;

We would love to reply. Before we do, would you be kind enough to provide us with your real name. We are assuming 'S. Boyle' is your pen name. Also, we would like to know your title and position at IndyMedia, your telephone number and the name and telephone number of the Chief Editor at IndyMedia.

Several articles you have written mentioning, its managing partners and its associates contain totally erroneous information. You imply the wrong things about the organization its objectives and its affiliations.

You should know that your articles have been brought to the attention of our staff and our attorneys who are currently reviewing them for proper action. We are mystified by your motivations and wonder why you are setting up yourself and IndyMedia for a lawsuit.

We also fail to understand why a respectable organization like IndyMedia would allow its editorial staff to publish your bellicose, slanted and malicious disinformation.

The Bankindex Staff

CC/General Counsel

Bankindex Staff wrote:
Dear S. Boyle

Obviously you do not wish to come forward. We can get your information by contacting IndyMedia directly, that's not a problem.

We wish to make one thing clear. You will not smear, its Managing Partners or affiliates and get away with it.

Your "disinformation" essays imply links to "underground" movements and "militants" and we strongly resent that. You also stated Carol Adler's relationship to PMC4, LLC incorrectly, and PMC4, LLC does not own Dandelion.

We are a serious organization whose purpose is to MAKE MONEY! We work above the surface with pride and respect and our company is owned by some of the biggest names in the business.

If any of the essays you have written were to cause any harm to our company or harm the reputation of its Managing Partners you will be liable and we are going to go after YOU and IndyMedia!

As things are now, you are in extremely dangerous waters with the disinformation you have published.

I recommend a full retraction or the complete deletion of what you have written thus far.

The Bankindex Staff

CC/General Counsel

Bankindex Staff wrote:
S. Boyle,

We are not amateur thinkers. You have been going out of your way for a while now to imply that WRH has underground connections to "militant" groups....a claim that is completely frivolous as well as COMPLETELY GROUNDLESS. You further try to imply that Mr. Rivero works for us or that somehow we finance his operation. And that is exactly the point you are trying to make in your malicious disinformation pieces! By implication you are trying to say that we are part of the same alleged movement! You did not address such claims in your last reply, did you?

We are currently contacting the head of IndyMedia and the matter is being referred to the most prominent Law Firm in Miami.

Your irresponsible comments, poorly done research and maliciousness is going to land you and in a courtroom (without a doubt). And when your real name surfaces, and it will very soon, everyone is going to know who you are and what you have been doing. EVERYONE! Rest assured!

You see, we have nothing to hide. We are a legitimate business operation, but YOU are not!

Again, we strongly suggest that you find a way to remove your publications from the web and that you stop this nonsense. An apology is also in order.

The Staff @ Bankindex

Bankindex Staff wrote:
S. Boyle

We will be straight forward with you so there are no misunderstandings.

You have correctly identified that we are business minded. The interest in WRH stems from the fact that Mr. Rivero operates one of the most visited news sites in the WORLD! Let us repeat that again, ONE OF THE MOST VISITED NEWS SITES IN THE WORLD!

That makes him very, VERY appealing!

Now, for any deal to take place, an underlying corporate structure is necessary, you agree? Yes, good!

So, when you say this: "business deals do not constitute a complete or even partial agreement of philosophical viewpoints between the parties involved, only a financial transaction." You are correct!

But when you state:
"I believe to made myself quite clear that the importance of the PMC4 connection is the hypocritical anti-corporate stance of WRH and Michael Rivero." You are incorrect! Here's where your reasoning fails you. We doubt that Mr. Rivero is anti-corporate (too broad a term to have used) in the sense you mean it. The gentleman even owns his own corporation!

Moreover, it is not for us to decide what Mr.Rivero means, nor it is for you to do so. From the viewpoint, we are delighted to be able to interview Mr. Rivero and to have some of our links posted to his site (I am sure even CNN is). You see, the traffic that is derived from just one link on his site is enough to bring down most servers! In addition, did you ever think that perhaps no one else had the guts to do an interview with him? Why must you pursue the sinister angle? If Mr. Rivero�s site were without merit, the staggering statistics from visitors from all corners of the world would simply not exist!

There is no hypocrisy in anything we have done, and above all no tie or connection to any type of group or groups-nor will there be, ever!

When Mr. Rivero�s book is published, we will be glad to carry it in That is what is, a venue built and meant to CAPITALIZE on the UNEXPLOITED CURRENT MARKET CONDITIONS. I don�t suppose you are going to start writing about all the authors we are going to be publishing, are you?

The millions of people who visit regularly will appreciate Mr. Rivero�s book. They are his fans and they love him.

Our goal is to tap into the fantastically ENORMOUS market the Mainstream has created by virtue of how they do things. There is nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with pursuing that angle. Our concept is as American as grandma's apple pie.

In closing, we respectfully ask that the very least, you correct your prior publications to show our point of view and to include your own statements clarifying what you meant.

Ideally, it would be much better if you stopped this nonsense and removed the entire piece, which we have been told, is possible.

Also, since you seem to have a great deal to say and to write about. You should consider sending in a manuscript to Dandelion Publications. Perhaps we can publish your book at!

The Bankindex Staff

CC/ Partners and Managers
General Counsel PMC4, LLC
Law Offices of xxxxx and xxxxx

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socrates said...

Good find.

When the fake lawyer showed up at the "unofficial forum" he was saying the same kind of crap. It's as if the Bank Index connection hit bingo.

Astroturfers tend to give away the shop by what gets them to freak out. I call this type of thing a reverse-trolling operation.

You simply speak truth to paid fakes, and then sit back and watch them post outright lies. Then when it becomes clear as day that the nobodies were correct and the zeitgeist is the emperor with no clothes, out comes the scrub brush.

How can Trausti justify hiding your posts? I guess I should respect your decision to not go there.

There are no lawsuits. There were never any lawsuits. The truth is the truth.