Wednesday, 21 January 2009

rFactor Multiplayer Settings - still won't work

Ok - here's the ipconfig/all results:

and here's the router settings for port forwarding:

here's the router showing it has my MAC address:

It still won't work, even with Win XP firewall OFF, and with Router firewall OFF.

What else to try?


Buz said...

1st prob I see is that you have multiple entries for each port/range.

Any given port# can only be forwarded to one IP address. Here, each port is attempting to forward both to .2 and .1 addresses. That's a conflict. Disable the .1 forwards.

Also - you're host PC doesn't have firewall software running does it? (eg, Windows Firewall, or antivirus 'internet security' type stuff)

the_last_name_left said...

Thanks for reply.

I recognise the two IPs were both forwarded in that picture - that's a remnant of my last desperate efforts to "try anything". I tried all combinations - that's just the last one I'd tried.

My PC connects directly to a router, as does another PC. The router's IP (the gateway?) is The other PC is .5

Is the other PC the HOST? I'll ask them to turn off their XP firewall.

The router has a firewall - I've tried turning that off to no avail too.

And I tried putting my IP in the DMZ - supposedly outside of any firewalling by the router - and still clients TIME OUT when connecting.

Is there a simple program/method that I can use to check the ports are open and accessible instead of having to boot rFactor and have a client connect to me? That'd help a lot.......

buz said...

You can check specific ports here ... or scan all ports and see what you have open here ...

So, the way you're trying to connect, which PC is creating the sessions and which is joining?

(Also, since I'm coming into this cold, are you looking to only connect the 2 PCs, or also allow random folks from the internet to join in?)

the_last_name_left said...

thanks for that link - helps :)

I don't mind just a single external IP joining - but yes, the point is to connect a single external IP.

That canyouseeme link says it can't see port 34447 - so that's why rFactor can't.

So why can't it? The router has my MAC address, and has been told to forward port 34447 to my machine - with no firewall - so why can't external clients see 34447?

I don't get it. It should already work.

But that link is a big help - thanks. As soon as that external link can see 34447 etc - likely rF will.

So what to do? lol

buz said...

So long as you have disabled or deleted the port forwards that were pointing to, i would think it should be set correctly. Perhaps reboot the Belkin? Or you may still have yet another piece of software acting as a firewall.

Another idea altogether, if you have a specific group that you want to get into a race with you, you could consider having everyone use Hamachi, to create a 'virtual' LAN situation and sidestep the whole port forwarding mess that way.

Though of course you won't be publicly listed and random folks won't see you to join, as they would if your current issue was resolved.

buz said...

Just had a thought - what if you connect your PC directly to the modem? (take the Belkin out of the equation as a test) See what those port checker sites tell you then.

(You'd probably need to set your PC's IP config back to auto is it's manually set right now, and also reboot the modem)

the_last_name_left said...

Thanks (again) for the help.

I'm going to try the hamachi thing, because I don't believe this Belkin router works properly.

Port scans show ports are open - which I've never authorised - and the ports I've set to be open aren't.

I conclude the Belkin is rubbish. Also their laughable SUPPORT pages don't work - so it seems impossible to contact them to complain.

Someone at Belkin is gonna get an earful when they open their phone lines tomorrow.

the_last_name_left said...

Tried Hamachi - but still no go.

Setup network over hamachi ok - but the client connects with cyan star ie no direct connection available, high speed relay instead.

No games showed in rFactor - set to LAN host, and LAN client.

I'm going to call Belkin tomorrow/today, because I don't think their hardware works. Ports are open that I never set - and the ports i have set aren't.

Jeez - what a kerfuffle.

buz said...

So long as you're sure neither party has any software firewalls running, then yes it is sounding more like limited features/strange behavior on the Belkin's part.

What model No. is it btw? Perhaps there is updated, or even alternate (3rd party), firmware available.

(The reports of unexpected ports being open may be due to the Firewall option being turned off on the Belkin - if that's still the case.)

the_last_name_left said...

Thanks for the help, but I got it working.

I'm not sure if it was a client issue or not, because Belkin couldn't reach the router via remote management, and only suggested resetting modem settings to factory, and starting anew. Which worked! (Once I'd been to the client's house andmade sure all firewalls were off).

So, I'm not sure what changed - but it DOES work.

And thanks very much for the help. :)

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