Monday, 5 January 2009

Rivero Broadcasts from Far-Right Conference

Rivero promoted, and then reported live from the far-right, white-nationalist conference that masqueraded as "No More Wars For Israel" conference.

Hear the broadcast here:

Rivero heavily promoted the conference, and when the conference was turned away by the venue (because it was obviously such a fascist far-right love-in) Rivero heavily promoted the false pretense that the conference had been refused to go-ahead because it was anti-zionist. In fact the conference was refused because it was a far-right, fascist conference, masquerading as an anti-war conference.

That much is obvious from the list of attendees.

David Duke's website promoted the conference, saying

Legendary freedom activist Mike Rivero along with Hesham Tillawi broadcast this event live over their radio programs Saturday, super activists Chuck Carlson, Mike Piper, Rabbi Dov Weiss, Paul Fromm, Wendy Campbell, Dr. Frederick Toben, Eileen Fleming, Patrick Grimm and many more patriots were interviewed, you can hear the full audio report below.

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