Monday, 5 January 2009

Rivero's Threats - Censorship?

I had been posting at a messageboard for 5 years - and would often criticise Mike Rivero's connections to organised fascism, and the obvious sympathies he betrays for the fascist cause, its beliefs, attitudes, perspectives, etc.

Essentially, Mike Rivero acts as a conduit for far-right propaganda - without admitting it, of course. Subterfuge in the service of fascism. Nice?

Eventually Rivero sought to silence such criticism and exposure, writing to the moderator of the board.

Message from Mike Rivero of begins here - Note, he mistakes my user name as being "spankmaster":
------------ Original Message --------

Subject: Your website

From: "Michael Rivero"
Date: Sun, November 30, 2008 4:12 pm
To: trausti (at)


I have had my attention callked to a page at your site,

I understand and support your policy of non-censorship, but I would like
to call two points to your attention. I do not know how things are down in Peru but First Amendment protections for free speech here in the US stop at the point where malice is detectable in the writings, as it is here. Spabnk Master clearly has an ax to grind and he is using your blog as the sharpening stone.

In addition, providing private details such as my brother's previous address for the purposes of applying coercive pressure is defined as an act of terror under the USAPATRIOT act. Given the globalist tendancies in the courts these days, being in Peru might not shield you from being an accessory if Spank Master were to be charged by any of the people named in his numerous postings.

I do not engage in censorship at my own website, but I do exercise discretion, such as not allowing porno, and certainly I do not allow stories (or advertisers) I know to be fraudulent and misleading. It is part of the responsibility that goes with the power of running a blog.

Like it or not, we are the new mainstream, and we have to act like it.


Michael Rivero
What Really Happened

Interesting, huh?

Several points to be made about this:-

1) I posted a publically available source - a letter to a US State Attorney published on the internet - which contained a reference to a Mike Rivero of, and which gave his address. Source is here:

2) That address is THE SAME as one given for BANKINDEX.COM

3) had threatened one S BOYLE with legal action because BOYLE had years earlier written articles suggesting a connection between BANKINDEX.COM and Mike Rivero/

4) Rivero asserts the address is that of his brother, and suggests I had published the address with the purpose of "applying coercive pressure" and that this is an example of "an act of terror under the USAPATRIOT act." How could that possibly be so when I didn't know it was actually Rivero's address, let alone that of his brother? Furthermore, the source is a publically available one - it's on the internet.

5) Rivero says "....if Spank Master were to be charged by any of the people named in his numerous postings." Police issue charges - not individual citizens engaged in civil disputes over libel. Does Rivero know more than he's letting on? And what is this, if not A THREAT? Rivero exposes himself as being a hypocrite - he's AGAINST freedom of speech, and employs threats involving "The Patriot Act" and "terrorism"! LOL

6) Rivero says "I do not engage in censorship at my own website..." That's untrue. Rivero deletes certain articles from his website archives - for example, the article where he links to a Swedish Nazi march in support of Ernst Zundel.

7) Rivero says "I do exercise discretion". That's why he hosts articles by the racist, fascist Curt Maynard? That's why he links to Maynard? Thats why he had Maynard on the WRH radio show, without ever once mentioning Maynard's violent racism?

8) What IS the nature of the connection between Rivero and BANKINDEX.COM? And why do Rivero AND James Garib of seem so keen to avoid the connections between them being made public?

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socrates said...

Hi Tlnl,

People can go to my "all aircraft have wings" website in the astroturfing section. Ha, that was the funny name you called it when we were at odds. Thankfully, we were able to get over misunderstandings and see that we were perhaps the only two people on the internet exposing Rivero. I haven't done as much as you have, and I am grateful to you for all your efforts.

People can check out the WRH unofficial forum thread at my blog/forum and see how you showed up and posted a lot of this info about Bank Index, etc..

That now deleted WRH forum was anything but unofficial. They were housing Rivero's letters. That's not something that's done unless the two places were tied to the hip.

Also, at my place, I have put up a separate thread containing the now scrubbed WRH forum attacks claiming that we are the same person. It was very similar to the propaganda attacks Boyle received and this current thing where Trausti has strangely conceded to Rivero and made his website hidden to the general public.

In that one thread, people can see how the psy-op against ourselves peaked.

Recently I have been doing yeoman's work on the Democratic Underground exposing Brett Kimberlin and Larisa Alexandrovna as electoral integrity frauds. The result? Around 200 posts have been deleted.

This is my point. When nobodies like ourselves make too much sense, the dark side simply gives up with their idiotic cybersmear campaigns and take out the scrub brush.

There is no free speech on the internet. The netroots have been scripted.