Thursday, 1 January 2009

Rivero's Vile Worldview

I guess it's the Christmas spirit, but today Rivero's comments reach another low:

Revenge attack? Israelis shot in Denmark
Webmaster's Commentary:

... or staged hoax to try to build sympathy for Israel?

WTF? A "staged hoax"? To "build sympathy"?! What a joke.

The man's anti-semitism knows no limit?

Are shootings of americans mentioned as possible "hoaxes" to "build sympathy"?

Of course, the fanciful notion is supposed to reinforce the idea of Israelis/Jews as masters of subterfuge, which is Rivero's basic premise about "how the world works" - Jews rule, only secretly.

All of which leaves Rivero, and other Americans, free of guilt or responsibility. Because we all know Jews run America, and the poor Americans can't do anything about it........yeah, right.

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