Monday, 5 January 2009

Rivero's Radio Show featuring racist, fascist Curt Maynard

Here's Mike Rivero featuring Curt Maynard on his radio show:

Not a single mention of Maynard's racism.
Not a single mention of Maynard's fascism.
Not a mention of Maynard's association with Vanguard News Network.
Not a mention that Rivero, along with Maynard helped publicise the NoMoreWarsForIsrael conference. No mention that Rivero and Maynard were well aware the conference was a front - it was in fact a far-right organised conference involving Maynard's and Rivero's Nazi chums Joe Fields (Nordwave), John De Nugent etc.........

This is Rivero's "discretion" - lieing by omission - that he promotes, and leads his readers to organised fascism.

Maynard is a racist, and a fascist. And Rivero knows it. But Rivero puts his readership in touch with Maynard, without ever informing his audience that Maynard is a racist and a fascist.

That is Rivero providing a service for fascism. It's Rivero acting as a recruiter for fascism - Rivero acting as a false front for fascism.


socrates said...

Thanks for tracking that down.

Would it be malicious to declare that Michael Rivero appears to be a douchebag spook? Or would that just be nature taking its course?

the_last_name_left said...

He's a douchebag for sure. :)

A spook? I dunno. Doubtful spooks are such douchebags? They try to infiltrate - so promoting racist shit like Maynard might be counter-productive. So I dunno.

Nevertheless, to have Maynard on your radio show, and NOT ONCE even mention the violent racist wanker that Maynard self-professedly is - well, it says it all.

And have you ever heard a more dull radio show? lol

Anonymous said...

Obviously you know nothing about me or you don't bother to keep up on those you feel free to condemn. I'm married to a Mexican woman and have have little half breeds with her. Considering this fact, how to juxtapose the idea that i'm an evil racist with the above facts? Rivero is Jewish - I've known this for a couple years - if I were just a so-called common "supremacist" why would I appear on his proigram and why would he have me.

Think, think, think

socrates said...

I guess we'll have to agree to disagree. Have you ever read up on cointelpro or disinfo? I know it's difficult because the spooks manipulate the search engines so people end up at the crazy places.

A guy like Rivero goes for the unwashed masses. Clearly he goes for anyone moderate to rightwing.

Yeah, that was a yawner. I heard him once on a 9/11 one, forget which one. I just wanted to hear his voice. He was the most pompous know-it-all. It felt like he was acting.

Now if he is into making money, is he really making that much the way he sets up his website? Maybe that is a barometer if someone is a psy-op. Does his revenue match his popularity? Or is it an illusion how popular he is. What about his buddy Does he make much money? There is a godlike productions and a fintan dunne. I don't see them making money.

Guys like us, we have big mouths, but do we have splashy websites? Does it seem like a big production we put out?

I have been on a mission since I was 18. Vegetarian at 20. I am a true lefty/peacenik. Maybe I have been on the net a lot because I fell for the idea that this is such a potential vehicle to steer positive social change. Then when I got cybersmeared, YOU WERE THERE, can't you see now why I didn't trust you?

But uhm, maybe I went internet nuts the last years because I thought it was my chance to get done quickly on the net what is so difficult to do in the real world. But isn't this the real world too? But then again, all those bogus websites.

This guy Lophofo, yikes, I found something he posted that was so insane, that I am demanding an explanation. He linked to one of those crazy nutjob domains, extremely crazy. And this guy got into my good graces because he made me think he wasn't gonna deal with anything crazy. And he did.

Hey Tlnl- you think that's Curtis down there? Anyway to confirm? It could be someone trying to yank your chain.

I will admit that fascist rednecks like this may not be spooks. Maybe they are just victims of cult-like upbringings. But Rivero, he rose to the top just a bit too easy. And he was involved in just too many nutty conspiracy theories, fascism with the Special Forces Underground. Maybe Rivero was meant to complement bullshit radio shows like Art Bell and try to draw all types of shallow people into tinfoiltainment. I think they are trying to make it seem that thinking about and reading about "conspiracy theories" is normal. I think it's normal, but let's stick to things that matter like Iran-Contra, hey, how come the BBC has a show on Prescott Bush being involved in a coup attempt, but here there is a total clampdown.

Even if this is that Curtis Maynard, which I doubt, he is a small mind. Fascists are pea-brained. They are usually latent homosexuals, not natural homosexuals. They usually hate women. They are pea-brained.


socrates said...

With Anonymous' logic, Chief Justice Clarence Thomas is a positive force for African-Americans.

We are looking at pea-brained fascism.

the_last_name_left said...

Misogynists marry women, too. Maybe mexican ones.

Doubtful that's Curt Maynard - why would he deny being a racist? Then again, why wouldn't he?

My condemnation is admittedly worth nothing - Maynard and Rivero condemn themselves by their own words and actions.

That Maynard and Rivero have a pretty cozy relationship is not in doubt? People can draw their own conclusions about it - and I draw mine.

the_last_name_left said...

oh - and are we supposed to assume there are no racist mexican women? S America has a reputation for racism.

And Rivero claims to be of jewish descent, or something? So what? Doesn't mean he hasn't said the things he has - doesn't change his attitude about a jewish world conspiracy - doesn't mean he isn't a hypocrite. It'd make him more of a hypocrite if anything.

Anonymous said...

I'm the real Curt Maynard. In the context of the modern understanding of what a racist is, and/or how "racism" is defined, I'd be considered by most morons to be a racist. However, referring to me as a White supremacist doesn't really wash, does it? Considering my Meskin wife and half breed kids and all.

I'm not denying and/or apologizingg for my alleged "racist" views, I'm merely pointing out that YOU folk are fully indoctrinated reactionaries that undoubtedly dance to the music of the Jews whenever it is played.

Are any of you silly fools ready to deny at this point in time that the Jews have a total and complete stranglehold on the media in all its facets? Your worldview, and the worldview of the vast majority of American lemmings is and has been shaped by ethnic Jews by way of their media monopoly.

If I say that blacks are violent, you'll call me a "racist," despite the fact that the commit murder 700% more often than whites. If I say that Jews dominate the media, you'll call me an anti-Semite, despite the fact that it is more than blatantly apparent at this point, and that it can be shown to be true with an hour of research.

If a say that Meskins [real Meskins, not American Hispanics] shouldn't be allowed to come into the United States and take jobs away from Americans, you'll call me a racist, despite the fact even on the face of it, any cretin can see, it's a bad idea to allow people that have not paid into the tax base to take away from it.

Mexicans are not stupid, the man comes here and secures a job. He then brings his wife and kids here ilegally, who then collect welfare/subsidies . Its free money and intelligent Mexicans aren't adverse to acquiring it. Chances are that the man is NOT paying taxes,, he's working under the table so that his employer saves money and thus has an incentive to hire him. Employers know, that with the way things are at present in the USA, they aren't going to be fined for hiring illegal aliens, no matter what Chertoff might say on the Jew box [TV].

Just so you know, "Chertoff," is the surname of our director of homeland security, who is a Jew of Russian descent, and whose last name, when translated literally into English, means, "of the Devil" or "son of the devil." "Chert" means devil in Russian,and "off," means "of" or "son of."

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Is Curt Maynard a fascist?

Tell you what - go out and find the definition of the word - that word, more so than perhaps any other,has come to mean a billion things. It means different things to different people at different times.

As far as Rivero goes. He posts some of my material. As a rule he doesn't post my more "racist" material, i.e. anything critical of blacks. He open;y supported the magic nigger Obongo during the election. Mike Rivero probably doesn't like me, but he does occasionally post some of the articles I write about organized Jewry, despite being a Jew himself, thus I respect him for that.

I don't know him personally, have never met him, have never spoken to him on the phone, except during the interview you mentioned, and rarely email him, except to send him an article/essay.

From my point of view, Rivero is just okay, not someone that ought to be touted as a great dissident, but someone that ought to be acknowledged as a webmaster unafraid to tell some truths.

Anonymous said...

the last name left,

Funny that you shoud mention that. My wife and I are currently going througgh a divorce after 2 kids and 13 years of marriage. My so-called racism was never a problem for my wife, she's not a big fan of blacks in general and/or illegal aliens, but you'll be happy to know that she's getting a lot of mileage out of calling me a hateful racist in the divorce proceedings. LOL.

Of course she claims that my views were unknown to her, etc... etc...

You're right though, if there is a group that dislikes blacks even more thann "haters" like me, it's Hispanics.