Friday, 19 February 2010

Rivero Promoting (another) Scammer

Well, surprise surprise! Rivero is promoting another scammer. Meet "Lord Stirling Evansville, IN, United States" whom claims to "hold several ancient Scottish titles, Earl of Stirling, Viscount of Canada, Viscount of Stirling....."

Our "Lord Stirling" also claims to "hold 3 degrees: B.Sc. in Pol. Sc. & History; M.A. in European Studies; B.Sc. in Education."

Shame he can't even spell properly.

Rivero's source, and our subject, the "Rt Hon Lord Stirling" (!) - in fact a simple Mr Timothy Alexander - came to the attention of the UK Baronage website.....and he features under their pages titled "SCAMS".
....we assumed that the reason we had received no answer to our question on the blazon of his arms was that Lyon Court had not recognised him as the baron of Greenan, that he had no baronial additament and had no arms either. (Perhaps he uses the arms illustrated at the head of this page, on the right, either alone, or quartered with a galley.) We assumed also that we would receive no answers from Timothy Alexander to the many further questions his early answers had prompted.

We would thus have to investigate his claims ourselves.
This MR T Alexander has a history of posting at conspiracy websites, including featuring at (no surprise, eh?) Seems he is trading on his name, asking for speaking fees for his lectures. Topics? That the Haiti earthquake was caused by a "scalar weapon"......
I am a specialist in theoretical weaponry strategy and design. I generally harbor no illusions about the truly evil nature of the global banking families, their Illuminati organization and related groups, but even I was reluctant to see the large earthquake in Haiti as anything but a natural event. It’s not that I lack knowledge about the little known field of Scalar Warfare, which is largely based on the works of the late Nickola Tesla.

I have come to the conclusion that the use of a scalar weapon on the poor masses of Haiti did happen and is directly connected to the massive little known oil reserves in and near Haiti and to the coming attack on Iran/general Middle East War/World War III.
Oh dear. Who would pay for that? Especially from some self-declared "Rt Hon Lord Scam"?

But it's good enough for Rivero, and good enough for Troofers. (Who was it that said "No-one ever went broke underestimating an American audience"?)

Here's more
of the lowdown from the people in the know on this scamming Troofy POS.


Lord Stirling said...

You know the man that posted these lies about me has no money, and yes i did check into bringing a lawsuit against him. Perhaps I will have one of the solicitors that I have used before see about bringing a suit against you.


the_last_name_left said...

You know the man that posted these lies about me has no money, and yes i did check into bringing a lawsuit against him. Perhaps I will have one of the solicitors that I have used before see about bringing a suit against you.


Ah - Arise Sir Stirling!

Goodly that you meet me, sire.

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."


socrates said...

I'm looking around the net for info on this one. I see he has been interviewed by Rivero.

On a website called, he is quoted as saying, "Our Lady is speaking to us in this, the End Time, telling us to pray and open our hearts to her heart and her Son's heart."

I thought Rivero was an atheist. I guess when one is in an epic battle to beat down the illuminati, atheists and rapture nuts are able to put aside their theological differences.

It looks like this guy is Lord Capitalist. World's Best of the Best

This smells like a PMC4 LLC set up. Get involved with conspiracy freakdom and use it as a means to hawk everything from "health" supplies to gold deals to business jets and luxury automobiles. Real estate too! I remember you linking those Bank Index dudes to real estate and other stuff way back when or maybe that was the mysterious S. Boyle who did that research.

By the way, seeing that we are all coming clean on our family lineage, I am the descendent of the Baron of Spinach. Back in the 1200s, my family defeated the Spaghetti Clan in the Battle of Leeks. While I am not ashamed of my heritage, I didn't want to alienate the common peasants by rubbing it in their faces.

the_last_name_left said...


And no adverts for Scalar Weapons? Shame.


I think S Boyle only found the link from BankIndex to Grand Dominion....I think I found the other condo-flipping and oil sales businesses by checking through James P Garib's associations and domain registrations.

I wonder how "the great" James Garib is getting he still flipping condos?

socrates said...

Bizarre is an appropriate word. This Stirling dude is crowing about the NWO and end times, yet on that link I found he's hawking luxury planes and automobiles.

It kind of explains their claims of no difference between left and right. The evil "Them" thus doesn't include their business interests. They point to the illuminati, Bilderbergs, and even reptiles as the true villians. Stirling reeks of being a very rich man. Not exactly on the side of the masses. And notice how he throws out the lawsuit schtick. Where have we heard that one before? Oh yes, in your WRH Unofficial thread I saved, only available because of yours truly. Too bad S. Boyle wimped out. He was so close to solving the whole thing many years ago. Good thing is it's apparent all these dudes have now is a boy crying wolf attitude. Fool me once.....

The strangest part of this is why are conspiracy theorists their target audience? I can see it for the gold and "altenative health" products. But I figure most of the Rivero and Jones demographic are mostly white trash, not the kind of folks who would be into buying cars and planes. Though there does seem a group of well-off folks who do buy into conspiracy theory. So maybe it isn't that strange.

And at DFQ2, Larry is playing his old games of browbeating. He wants me to explain how it is holocaust denial to question the numbers. He's saying whether 100,000 Jews or three million were killed, a holocaust is a holocaust.

He says I'm not answering his questions, but I did. The whole point of the Holocaust was to try to eliminate the Jewish people. It's at the heart of holocaust denial to turn the six million number into a hoax. Census reports from before and after WW2 show that six million is a close approximation of the true number. I guess I'll let him get in the last word and then ignore him. Then maybe he'll just go away. I should have learned my lesson here. Maybe it's a combination of Larry having poor reading comprehension skills to go with his propensity to go with confirmation bias. His whole world would become upside down, if he realised he is in bed with neonazis.

the_last_name_left said...

talking of threats of legal action - here's Earl Stirling getting banned from wiki for trying to alter his page....and then action! TA DA!

S: I guess I'll let him get in the last word and then ignore him. Then maybe he'll just go away. I should have learned my lesson here.


front-lining it with crazies has its pitfalls. :D

the_last_name_left said...

i liken the money situation around 911 Troof and conspiracism more generally to the UFO industry.

No-one has ever had definite evidence for a genuine spaceship........but look at the amount of stuff for sale on the topic?

That the enigma never gets fully settled works completely in the favour of the profiteers......whether they are consciously and cynically pursuing opportunism or unconsciously. They can still sell endless amounts of inconsequential guff to the suckers........whether they mean well, or are cynical manipulators.

When one has a financial interest in maintaining a certain POV, why give it up? Or why even admit to having given it up? Or of having never believed it? Doesn't help sales - for the legitimate or otherwise.

socrates said...

I'm laughing out loud at the Earlship. That's what he should be called. I read that Wiki page. He almost exploded because someone called him Earlship. HA!!!!

He obviously is not the Earl of Stirling. Why he is pressing so hard for that title is mind boggling.

Andy Kaufman had a funny schtick. He called himself Mr. Hollywood. After Jerry Lawlor play acted giving Andy a beating, a banged up Kaufman looked into the camera and said he was going to sue Jerry and many others, that he was Mr. Hollywood and Lawlor was some hick from Memphis, Tennessee. This I'm gonna sue you and you and you is funny stuff. Thanks for this Mr. Earlship.

Get a grip, your royal Earlship. No one's buying your act. But thanks for the entertainment value.

Thanks for your posts at my blog, TLNL. I see a holocaust denier has shown up here. These asshats are desperate. A few nobodies have exposed Rivero and all his parlor games.

I now dub you Lord of the Last Names, sire of the sires, may thou dost bloggeth in the highest courts of public opinion. May the insignia as Lordship of Last Names forever shine on your crest. This Lord Stirling story is riotous. Thanks, TLNL. Well-played.

socrates said...

Here's some more humour found at the Earlship's expense. So Lordship, are you the proverbial disinformation agent?

Bogus? "Massive US Naval Armada Heading To Iran"

Tedd Riggs:Hey ! Don't argue with the Earl of Stirling, did you check out his background ? Holy Cow ! This guy is a expert on everything in the world. So......Maybe if the guy gets a book sale out of his wacko email scam, he might be happy about it... I would have changed the tag on this article to opinion or humor. There is nothing behind this story that is even close to the truth......


socrates said...

This guy reeks of being a disinfo agent. If it walks, quacks, and shits like a duck.... I just don't buy that these people are mere grifters. That's my tinfoil, I suppose.

the_last_name_left said...


This guy is a expert on everything in the world.


even his blog name is mis-spelt.

I don't like to get too precious about spelling - multiple degrees and mr expertise should be able to use a spell checker? At least for their blog name?

I mean, maybe he made claim to Lord Stilinb - and he's just dyslexic?

hehe. poor dear.

socrates said...

There's a Tim Alexander who has worked for NASA as a contractor. It sounds like it could be this guy. That would explain how he might have initially come into contact with Michael Rivero. He's really putting a lot of time into his Europe blog. Lot's of links with colour codes all thrown in. Disinfo creeps appear to like to shift the colours around. They're not content to just provide links with some excerpts. Then there's his fixation on imminent war with Iran. I smell psyop, though I admit there's a lack of paystubs available except for Hal Turner.There's also the plausible deniability that these folks are into grifting and only appear to be pimping ideology a la black operations style. Oh well.

socrates said...

Yeah, what's up with his lousy spelling? Rivero uses that same schtick, as if they spell lousy on purpose.

socrates said...

A guy into business is going to spell it as busines? Not believable, imho. Though I don't have a clue why anyone would spell this badly on purpose. Perhaps to appear as a regular guy. Perhaps to target the Joe and Jane six-pack crowd. Kind of baffling. To "draw out the crazies" a la Hal Turner? I'm kind of disappointed Lord Nutjob hasn't returned to this thread. He does provide a certain entertainment value. Or perhaps he is that train wreck we can't take our eyes off of.

the_last_name_left said...

I keep getting the idea he has a sense of humour.

Like he's grinning all the time he's writing.

The schtick reminds me of Karl B Scwharz.....Mr Nanotech, billionaire presidential candidate......"technical expert" for LooseChange. lol

What a laugh. I thank Mr Schwarz for really driving the hammer against the coffin-nails of my 911 Troofiness.

What a joker. And LooseChange used him! Even after he was already exposed as a total charlatan!

Patmos Nanotechnology! That's the one. Here comes the saviour of the 911 Troof movement - Mr Karl B Schwarz!

He's a fraud?

Oh well - here comes the Lord of Stirling, 5th Earl of Hobbitsville.

Look - shiny shiny boats. A french chateau. He's called "LORD". Now that's classy.


All designed to exploit the "democratic" instinct and "grassroots" nature of the 911 Troof movement, of course.

socrates said...

Maybe the stirling is a subliminal to sell gold and silver.

I like the new banner. Funny stuff.

socrates said...

I gave this excellent find a plug over at DFQ2. I also took a screen shot of your genius banner, oh Lord of Last Names. That's too good a production to lose, when you eventually come up with a new one. The Lord of Last Names

socrates said...

Cross-posted from my humble blog:

Larry invited me over to his blog, because apparently you two are in an epic duel over the FEMA detention camp hoax. I noticed he has another entry on some Lord Monckton. What's up with all these Lords showing up on the Tinfoil Radio Network?


And check out the picture. It looks like him and Stirling live in the same mansion. What the fricken sassa frassa?

socrates said...

Damn, I see Larry was using sitemeter to make you look bad. He didn't. So you were on his site for an hour and read five pages. That doesn't mean much. It doesn't prove you even spent an hour reading his crap. You could've made a sandwich or whatever during that time and actually only spent ten minutes physically. You also made a great point how hypocritical he is spewing about Big Brother and Fema detention camps in the works, yet he has no qualms about studying his guests' habits. I had sitemeter on for a few days but then removed it. It wasn't really telling me much. Plus, I figure it might put off some guests from visiting. Larry's actually correct that sitemeter doesn't even provide the full ip's, so there's no real way to see if anyone strange is showing up, like military or whatnot. I made a mistake in disclosing some personal info on someone. I didn't think so at the time, as he was messing with me, and I thought it would get him to back off. I then erased that info, which may not have even been true. Brad Friedman gave out my personal info to a cyberstalker. Now there's a guy people need to be on alert not to give him anything. He will use it against you at some point. Journalists aren't supposed to reveal sources. But then again, Brad Friedman isn't a real journalist or ethical. Just ask Jan Schakowsky.

the_last_name_left said...

Do they live in the same mansion? lol

I don't much care about the content of the info Larry disclosed. I was looking through his site to try to better ascertain his views...I don't actually care if anyone knows. I know Larry tracks such information because he has done it before ......purely for the purposes of personal attack, of course. But that's besides the point - there could well be reasons why I wouldn't would anyone to know - and Larry abuses his position by publishing such information.
But even that is beside the point, as there needn't be any personal reason whatsoever for me to be concerned - it's simply a frivolous attitude to privacy.

It's simply unethical and it might well be technically illegal.

I don't actually care if anyone knows I was looking through Larry's blog - presumably that's what it is there for. I'd have used a proxy if I really wished to remain concealed. I will in future....and I would recommend everybody else do so to - when visiting Larry the Snoop's website.

Larry really has no right to go dishing out that it IS personal information. It's not just being gathered - and gathered anonymously - it's identified as me, by IP, and he published the information. It's a bit creepy tbh, but it's really just unethical.....even if it scraped through as "legal".

And yes, I do find it annoying and not a little disturbing. And yes, it is certainly a reflection of Larry's lax attitude to privacy and ethics imo.

One might expect a little better from someone whose website continually complains about surveillance, big brother and all that.

I hate waving legal stuff about. It's dumb, but he really pissed me off. He should be more careful....instinctively. Because of the ethics, if not for the law.

Francesco Mutti said...

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the_last_name_left said...

Sorry to hear that Mr Mutti.

I was only really interested in the relationship with Mike Rivero and his website

IIRC your business had some sort of relationship with Rivero's site - and sent out hokey attorney letters warning 'investigators' off.

Anything you wish to divulge on that front?

MaitikiHut said...

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