Friday, 19 February 2010

Joseph Stack III


Dude had a plane. Awwww - so hard done by. How cruel and unfair life is, Joseph, you fucking twat.


Anonymous said...
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the_last_name_left said...

god does nothing

Larry said...

"How cruel and unfair life is, Joseph, you fucking twat."

Excellent journalism!!!

the_last_name_left said...

Thanks. I do my best.

Anonymous said...

If someone says only 4 million, and not 6 million, were killed, and thats considered not such a bad thing, then that is called holo- denial and worse.

If just 6 people are killed, and that is called a very bad thing, then there is no denial.

What if one thinks only 3-4 million were killed, or just 1 million, yet one believes that that is a very horrible thing to have happened? One denies the number yet thinks a horrible horrible crime this regular holo-denial and anti-semitic neo nazism too ? or something else?

the_last_name_left said...

I have to wonder about the motivations of people to argue like this.

What if one thinks only 3-4 million were killed, or just 1 million, yet one believes that that is a very horrible thing to have happened? One denies the number yet thinks a horrible horrible crime this regular holo-denial and anti-semitic neo nazism too ? or something else?

Assuming only good's an example of ignorance.

Obviously not everyone ignorant of the subject is maliciously misrepresenting the facts - they may be just ignorant of them.

Anonymous said...

Stack condemned capitalism and praised communism in his final letter...(look at the last bits)

socrates said...

The use of an anonymous username allows the troll to answer or ignore whatever he chooses to on any given thread. It provides him with the plausible deniability that it may or may not be the same person. It is the act of a coward.

As for Stack being a lefty or not, it appears that the overriding factor was he was mentally deranged. Now if it had been TLNL or Noam Chomsky who flew into that building, anonymous may have a point. Marx is considered one of the greatest scholars of all time, even in American universities. One needn't be a socialist to have cited him. Stack was upset with a downward economy and loss of business, or busines as Lord Stirling would spell it. Stack might have been a 'liberal', at least in regards to being a Texan. Not sure it matters much. Too bad he didn't just sell the plane and pay off the taxes. Or go the legal route to dispute the bill.

the_last_name_left said...

I can't see that single line of Stack's (presumably somewhat crazy) statement negates the rest of the info about him.

There's nothing about how the IRS and tax system should be redistributing wealth - rather Stack seems to resent the simple fact he himself couldn't get "rich enough", for which he blamed the IRS - taxation.

The dude had businesses, was a software engineer, he had a house to burn down, had relocated, hell, even had a plane with which to fly into the IRS.

Hardly smacks of socialism, does it? Rather it betrays a acquisitiveness. An obsession with material wealth which when frustrated drove him to murder and suicide. Hmmm.

There's nothing that suggests he was socialist.....or had any understanding or sympathy for what it actually is.

I'm open to being shown otherwise, but what of "anonymous"? How can an anonymous be shown to be wrong? They just re-appear as if it means nothing.....

Not very brave, is it? Certainly unequal terms. Ah well. la di dah.

the_last_name_left said...

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socrates said...

Those are good points you raise, well beyond my simple response.

the_last_name_left said...


apparently Stack did something impossible - fly a plane into a govt building without being intercepted.......

troofiness says that's impossible?

the_last_name_left said...

here's Prisonplanet, speaking after the Treasury Sec. gave a press conference outside the IRS.

"Tim Geithner knows that everything he represents is hated by the general public"


Even though Prisonplanet gave the reason for the press conference as:

Their purpose was straightforward– to grandstand over an attack on a government agency and to set the scene for demonizing “anti-government beliefs.”

If Geithner stands for "everything people hate" then people must hate democratic government, to some degree at least?

Such people are worthy of scrutiny and suspicion - sedition is a serious business.

And let's not forget - Jones and co were saying "they are collapsing the economy on purpose".....well, has it collapsed yet? Not doing a very good job of collapsing it then, are they? How does this prove "they" represent "everything people hate" -- when they have PREVENTED a collapse of the economy?

If Jones' hero Porn Raul had been elected, and they'd implemented his policies on gold and taxation and everything - they would certainly have brought about a collapse in the economy (because there isn't enough gold for one thing - and every dollar's value would have to be based on all the gold divided by the number of dollars. Bingo - you've just destroyed the american economy overnight - even if the plan was supposed to eventually bring benefits)

The government's attitude to REAL THREATS SUCH AS ACTUAL EVENTS like Oklahoma and the IRS, Stack, Von Brunn and Poplawski is "demonising anti-government thought"?

Oh rubbish. Like Jones can't be criticised for "demonising" government?

And look how Jones and co employ the lexicon of oppression.....apparently the government is "demonising" everyone.....whereas Jones is simply standing for Truth, Law, whatever? Oh rubbish.

And the usual hypocrisy over "censorship". Prisonplanet censors every Tom Dick Harry they there nothing they're not hypocritical about?