Monday, 1 February 2010

Alex Jones, Ted Pike, and a bunch of nazis.

Why do all the same people keep cropping up?

Because they share something - ideas - goals - a worldview: ideology.

Here's Alex Jones talking with "The Reverend Ted Pike" --- notice the imagery? Seemingly one might suspect Pike and Jones must be warning of fascism - particularly nazism.

The video is uninteresting, Pike is clearly a nut. It's the same old crap. I post it for reference only - it's an example of Alex Jones' promotion of Reverend Pike......and it clearly illustrates how twisted and plain fucked-up Alex Jones, Pike and their audiences political worldview is/are.

Simply - Alex Jones supports Pike, and Pike and Alex are closely affiliated with a range of anti-semitic and fascist agencies. Jones and Pike are part of the far-right propganda and organisational network.

It's undeniable. Here's the real low-down on our pious Reverend Pike:
Ted Pike/National Prayer Network - Affiliations

Pike maintains a broad-based network of anti-Semitic, white supremacist and conspiracy-theory oriented affiliations to broadcast his anti-Semitic message. Pike has given numerous interviews to anti-Semitic and racist radio and television hosts. For example, he has made appearances on the Internet radio show run by Daryl Bradford Smith, an American living in France who publishes articles on his Website that name "Zionists" as the "masterminds” of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

He has been a guest on the Tennessee-based radio show, "The Political Cesspool," on which neo-Nazis and white supremacists regularly appear. Additionally, Pike has appeared on conspiracy-oriented Internet radio shows that often feature anti-Semites and extremists, including the “Jeff Rense Program,” and former Michigan militia figure John Stadtmiller’s “National Intel Report.” Pike has also appeared on “Current Issues,” a weekly cable television show hosted by Palestinian-American Hesham Tillawi, which regularly features Holocaust deniers and white supremacists.

Pike has a long-standing affiliation with American Free Press (AFP), an anti-Semitic conspiracy-oriented newspaper that prints articles written by Holocaust deniers, racists, and conspiracy theorists and promotes groups, events, books, videos, and individuals espousing such ideologies and theories. Willis Carto, AFP’s publisher, founded the now-defunct Liberty Lobby, an anti-Semitic propaganda organization, and also currently publishes The Barnes Review, a Holocaust denial magazine.

Pike is an AFP staff member, having served on its Western Regional Bureau since the Regional and International Bureaus were formed on October 29, 2001.
He continues to serve on staff with several anti-Semites, conspiracy theorists, and Holocaust deniers including Mark Glenn, an anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, AFP writer who authored a pamphlet blaming Israel for the September 11 terrorist attacks, the 2001 anthrax mailings and the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Pike also serves with George Kadar, an AFP reporter, associate of white supremacist David Duke, and active participant in the white supremacist Stormfront Internet forum. Another problematic figure that has served alongside Pike on the AFP Bureaus is Eustace Mullins, a prolific anti-Jewish propagandist.

AFP printed one of Pike’s articles in its first issue in August 2001. In that same issue, the newspaper advertised Pike’s video entitled Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians, which premiered at a conference run by The Barnes Review. In addition to AFP reprinting and promoting Pike’s works, Pike authored an article “exclusive to AFP” in its November 5, 2001, issue. Michael Collins Piper, an anti-Semitic AFP writer, authored a praiseworthy review of Pike’s 2003 anti-Semitic video Why The Mid-East Bleeds, in the April 7, 2003 issue of AFP.

Pike provides a link to AFP’s Website on the National Prayer Network (NPN) Website’s “Links” section. Pike also links the NPN Website to various other extremist Websites “as sources of further information concerning the thread of Zionist control.” These include links to Daryl Bradford Smith's site and to the site of Criminal Politics, a virulently anti-Semitic, conspiracy-oriented publication. He also “strongly recommends” visiting Web sites such as those belonging to the Arizona-based anti-Semitic group We Hold These Truths, the virulently anti-gay group Repent America, and Texe Marrs, a conspiracy theorist with a record of anti-Semitism.

Just as Pike affiliates himself with the radio shows, cable TV shows, and newspapers of a variety of extremists, so too do extremists often post Pike’s articles and sell his videos on their own Websites. In July 2006, the now-defunct neo-Nazi National Vanguard Website featured an article, co-authored by Pike and its own staff, which claimed that Jews are plotting to control the content on the Internet and that Jewish-run telecommunication companies want to initiate policies that would favor Jews and other “protected minorities” over other groups. Numerous other extremist individuals and groups have posted his materials on-line, including conspiracy theorist Jeff Rense; Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel; white supremacist David Duke; the neo-Nazi Vanguard News Network; the virulently anti-Semitic Websites Jew Watch and Ziopedia; Western Voices World News, the news Website of the neo-Nazi European Americans United; the neo-Nazi National Alliance; and the Yahoo group of the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement.

Extremists have utilized Pike’s work in other ways. In 2005, the neo-Nazi National Vanguard produced an eight-part DVD entitled, The Dark Side of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B’nai B’rith, filled with anti-Semitic propaganda. Included in the DVD was Pike’s anti-Semitic 2000 video entitled Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians.

When Pike produced The Other Israel (1987), a professionally made, anti-Semitic video, Louisiana white supremacist James K. Warner and the Institute for Historical Review, a Holocaust denial organization, offered it for sale. Though 20 years old, anti-Semitic individuals, groups, and Websites still promote and/or sell Pike’s video, including Holocaust denier Mark Farrell, Texe Marrs, the neo-Nazi National Alliance, and Ziopedia.
These are all sources close to the heart of 911 Troof. Indeed - 911 Troof looks like "a project" these guys run. To what purpose? Well, look at the nexus of the beliefs and the agencies pushing them? Anti-semitic and fascist/nazi. That's the locus. 911 Troof hasn't even noticed - let alone does it try to denounce and remove these elements. 911 Troof has shown itself incapable of resisting the ideological gravitational pull which anti-semitism and fascism have clearly exerted upon it. Hence Troof.....not Truth. There's a real relationship between anti-semitism, fascism and Truth becoming Troof.

BTW - in addition to what is mentioned above, Pike also has a column at David Duke's "WhiteRights" website.

Alex doesn't mention this to his viewers when fawning over Pike. Instead Pike and Jones wave a great warning flag against 'the rising spectre of nazism.'

Yet notice - they are *not* raising their voices against their own friends and colleagues and fellow-travellers whom are clearly closely identified with genuine fascism. No - instead they point to liberals and democrats as being the source of this supposed critical threat of fascism. Even as they hide the genuine fascism within their own ranks.

And now, of course, they have a whole army of delusional blackshirted internet dweebs (such as Troofers) shouting "FREEDOM!" as they jackboot their way about. Great.

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Anonymous said...

But dude, Zionism is not anti-semitic, as I am a Jew, and so is half my family, and Israel is not Jewish, but a multi-faith land. In reality, Israelites live in Israel, not 'Jews'. I don't care for it, as I am of German Jewish descent. I m not devoutly Jewish, but believe in God. My ancestors are German, but I live in the Uk, so maybe my faith is Judaism, if I chose to go synagogue, but my race is German. Palestinians are semitic, and sure they are Christian and Islamic, but they have lived in Israel/palestine for hundreds of years. Who were the UK and USA to go to Palestine, set up Israel, and tell Palestinians to go elsewhere ? Territory is always changing. Once Israel belonged to the Romans, so should Italy have a right to it aswell ? Home is where you live, and most Jews I know are againt what is happening in Israel, and are against so called 'Zionism'. I don't appreciate people attacking Jews because of the crimes occuring in Israel by a corrupt Israeli government. I have nothing to do with that and do not agree with it. As for 911 and zionist ties, I did infact research it to try and debunkit myself and sadly I didn't like what I found. Mossad were involved, and the embarrassing thing is most security services in many countries know it. Even some ex Italian president went on about it, Francesco Cossiga. Alex Jones and Ted Pike are on the money about most of what they say, and they back it up with proof I didn't like to see or hear, but which my honesty had to accept.
Ted Pike is abit over the top. I as a Jew don't read the Talmud or other books, and devout Jews I know don't much either, but just are good people who believe in God and want to do some good. The Talmud has some fucked up stuff in it, but that is not God's word, but some corrupt Rabbis, and decent common sense Jews know not to follow that stuff. Ted Pike seems to point out the corrupt stuff and attack it, which is fair, but assumes most Jews actually know about that stuff or actually follow it. Sure some fanatical Jews do, and well they are fucked up, but Ted Pike should realise the kids of Jews who will act immorally because some crap in the Talmud says so, are just idiots. In anycase, people gotta use their own common sense, and i don't believe any decent Jew would follow something which was wrong unless they were bad people in the first place. Talmud is not God's word anyway. Peace bro