Thursday, 25 February 2010

InfoWars Distortions - Socialism

InfoWars has this advert:

It might more accurately be put:

Being generous, we might call Alex Jones' views "libertarian" this:


socrates said...

David Dees has nothing over you when it comes to photoshopping.

Infowars, SchminfoWars. I don't know how you can stomach still visiting those right woos left disinfo palaces. When I first got on the net, I was into it. But only initially. Then of course after we got our cyber arses smeared at Rivero's WRH forum, I took a closer looksie at Rivero.

I bumped that one thread at Aircraft Wings with the screenshots of your thread from that place. Good thing I saved that. Pretty funny how a couple nobodies were the catalyst for a whole website being whitewalled.

I see a strategy with those buggers in which they will push the anti-Jooo astroturf as far as they can, then when it gets exposed, out comes the revisionism of their revisionism. Fricken sassa frassa.

Dees seems to have thrown in the towel at DFQ2. He did nothing to counter your thrashing of his efforts to spin the Holocaust. He said some gibberish one will never understand no matter how many times it's read, then he left the link to I sure do hope his kitty is doing well. He actually put up some videos of his cat to sell that specific donation scam he had going. I might check those out. Maybe he does need to beg for donations from neonazis, because perhaps his corporate employers might have found out what he truly represents and told him to hit the road. And he calls us losers. He places a higher value on money than integrity. That's capitalism for you. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Alex Jones is a well packaged disinfo agent...he is run by Jews and Zionists! Look around him- nothing but.z's....down with Jones!

btw- a good chunk of the jews that died in ww2 died from typhus. maybe half (of the 4.5 million)

the nazis merely wanted to expel the jews from Europe-jews were offered safe passage out, but rich jews wanted to charge other jews an arm and a leg, so most jews had to stay.

the nazis had a desperate plan to rescue the jews, by offering them a homeland in Madagascar. as the war progressed, transport issues stopped the plan.

about 150,000 jews and half jews served in Hitlers armies...some were generals and admirals

down with that alex Jones shill charcter!

the_last_name_left said...

try and stand any of that up, anon? and stop using anon?

Anonymous said...

its just common sense. And stop trying to control the convo.

alex jones is a zion shill disinfoman- I thought everyone knew that.

cant you research anything, do i have to spoonfeed you ? you must be a jones fan

Anonymous said...

And Jews started world war two- world jew congress declared war and boycott against germany about 30 days after Hitler took power...Hitlers military buildup was reactionary to what Churchill was doing...Hilter assumed a defensive posture throughout the 30's.

..Dunkirk, anyone?

.for 20 years, poles killed and murdered ethnic Germans in poland along the german-pole frontier....finally, hitler had to intervene to rescue the Germans being slaughtered by the poles, many of these brigand thugs in Poland were jews....this was a 20 year conflict, from 1919 -1939

Once Germany learned that the jews had a plan to exterminate all the German people (the Morganthau plan), just as tgermany knew they probably would lose (after America entered)... this is when the Nazis felt the need to ratchet up the persecution of the jews....(1942)

three million Germans, most civilians, were murdered AFTER the war, inside concentration camps set up by the victors.

socrates said...

These flies are always trying to stick their disinfo into forums that speak truth to wingnut.

I've seen this nonsense before, where Alex Jones is described as a zionist shill. If that were true, I doubt he'd have Michael Rivero on as his guest so often, nor would he always talk up global conspiracy theory, which we know is code for Joooos.

It's your place, TLNL. I know you're averse to censorship. Myself, I'd let a disinfo writer like this get a few chances, but at some point, it becomes obvious he has nothing to offer but off-topic, idiotic spam.

Next thing you know he will go David Dees style and call yourself zionist scum. It is quite predictable. Disinfo Inc. needs to come up with better stuff, imho. Or this could be about raising the noise to signal ratio and trying to throw you off your game.

the_last_name_left said...

anon is talking a load of nazi bullshit. obvious historic lies which turn the world on its head.

sad, anon. where on earth did you get all that crap from? Nazis. of course.

Don't even bother trying it here. You think it's the first time I've heard that bullshit? You think hearing it once more is going to change my mind?

As for Jones being a zionist "shill"........well, same as above. I'm tired of hearing such rubbish.

Anonymous said...

Ever hear of Edgar Bronfman? or Jones lawer? or how about his webmaster/editor? or how about his kids? All are jew -zion.

Its a historical fact that about 150,000 jews or half jews proudly served in nazi military.

And Hitler meant for the Polish war to be local. When he heard that Britain had declared war, he literally screamed- he did not have a force bent on world conquest, not even close. So his weapons were in response to Churchills warmongering- even the liberal PBS documentaries says so.

And there was such a thing as the Morganthau plan, intended to break up Germany into small agrarian estates... which would have reduced population...

Jew groups even collaborated with the nazis against the Brits, since Brits had Palestine and Germany promised jews a home if they would only help out clearing other jews from slavic lands.....the Madagascar plan was real too, its the scope or details that are debated....go learn your history,

Jones is zion with a cap Z....

the_last_name_left said...

....go learn your history,

Sure - but not your nazi apologist rubbish.

you take a few pieces from here and there and expect it to overturn everything else.

Just one example to illustrate characterise Churchill as warmongering....and seemingly use it as an excuse for Hitler's aggression - like the invasion of Poland.

But Churchill was something of a voice in the wilderness before war broke out.....and he didn't become PM until May 1940 ie long after Nazi invasion of Poland.'re just making arguments on behalf of Nazism. Or am I wrong?

Deny your position is a pro-nazi one?

Anonymous said...

No, I dont deny that i'm offering a pro nazi position. but i am also a devils advocate, sometimes.

Churchill may not have been PM until after the war started, but he urged a buildup for years before, and this buildup happened. Britain maintained a policy for the encirclement of which Hitler responded.

Your trying to make it seem like the Nazis were bad? How is that so? They were a bit strict here and there...but sometimes Zionists are compared to Nazi's, but this is an insult to Nazi's....if only that were true, but zionists are a million times worse than the Nazi's ever were...

Anonymous said...

alex Jones is a shill extraordinaire...providing cover for Zion.

Anonymous said...

Hitler knit together a multi racial coalition agianst the Zionists-Jews and their the idea that there is just a historical conflict or struggle for power between Germans and Jews is overstated. Hitler had jews, half jews in his army, mulattoes, arabs, some blacks, and of course, Japan and Italy, while some American Indians were adopted into the Hitlers programme wasnt really racial in the way most people think...while most Zionists/Jews ARE racist or exclusive.

the_last_name_left said...

anon: Your trying to make it seem like the Nazis were bad?

not "seem"....they were.

I feel like deleting your posts, because they're simply so obviously so pro-nazi. But there we are - I'll leave them so the dumbness remains.

socrates said...

The thing is how does one know this person is sincere with his hate? It's either a good example of it or the equivalent of a prank call.