Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Evening News

Not music I usually like, but these songs are excellent - especially with the videos, which is rare. Mosh especially sends a shiver down my spine. There's a lot in the videos: clearly the far-right aren't the only people with concerns - neither the far-right nor Troofers have a monopoly on radical and angry criticism - and one needn't turn there to find it. Did Troofers or the far-right ever come up with something as good as Mosh or Hip-Hop Police?


socrates said...

You're very clever with the photoshop. I think I'll steal that top one and add it to another update on the National Wingnut Appreciation Day entry. I'm trying to figure out how to show Larry is a Holocaust denier. He's not really one based on a few of his comments, yet he also supports ideas and links promoting denial. He's acting schizophrenic. I think you pinned him down. He's a sophist.

the_last_name_left said...

use what you like - be my guest. Thanks


Perhaps a Venn diagram would illustrate Larry's position best?

A circle - the Set of "The holocaust" - as a set of 6 million, say - and various denial positions represented by only partial overlaps with the full set of the holocaust.

Denial would then clearly be anything which failed to completely include the Holocaust set (and its error margins)

Larry wants to make it about whether 300,000 is a holocaust or not. Completely irrelevant - specious. Sophistry. ;) As opposed to Socratic? hehe. Though it's disputed, apparently.

I just know Larry will look it up, and seize upon the original meaning......when I mean the modern disparaging sense.

Just like the holocaust thing - I knew he'd start arguing "so 6m is a holocaust but 5.9999 ain't?"

Just like I suspected he'd seize upon (and twist) one weakness in my phrasing when I said "Larry hasn't answered these questions since they were asked months ago!" Larry suggested he must have answered them because I said "he hasn't them since I originally asked".

Larry resorted to that argument even though he knows he has never answered the questions. How dumb is that? What's more he knows that I know he has never answered the question.

But still he goes for that line.

Like errr, what is the point? Nutter.

Ah well. lol