Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Troofer crisis? Alex Jones and Mike Rivero split....

Seems Alex Jones and Mike Rivero have parted ways. Awww. Alex Jones sacked Mike Rivero? And now Rivero has changed radio station, from GCN to Republican. Rivero did publish but then withdrew an "update" saying Jones wasn't going to publish his interviews or anything anymore. Awwww.

What's the dust-up about? Rivero's anti-semitism? Rivero too overtly promoting fascism and the far-right nuts? What else ccould it be?

Lies Visible (one of Rivero's favoured anti-semitic ranters) over at SmokingMirrors unsurprisingly suggests the disharmony is because of Israeli/Zionist influence. What else would it be, huh? Here's Lies Visible making a typically stupid claim:
When I found out that Israel had done 9/11, The Madrid Train Station and The London Tube, it pretty much rocked my world. Since then, if bad shit happens, I know they are behind it.
No shit! The anti-semite discovers Israel "did" 911, and that 'if bad shit happens, they are behind it.' HAHA - he admits his prejudice! Yet remains convinced of its truth!

Lies Visible is clearly supporting Rivero in his contretemps with Alex Jones. Shock! I wonder where the other leading lights of Troof will fall and what this fallout means. Interesting.


Martin Firestein said...

There was a transcript of an interview Les Visible did on Rivero's show a few years back, where at the very end, Rivero slipped in a comment about Jews "being responsible for the downfall of every country they've lived in" (or something to that effect). I mean, it was RIGHT THERE on his show! LOL.

the_last_name_left said...

those offhand comments people make really wind me up! Of course, Jews rule the world, and are responsible for every ill......like we all know and believe this. aye, sure we do lol

the_last_name_left said...

reminds me of this statement which was made casually and without criticism at Halfway:


Any attempt to join nations together winds up politically unworkable ( Like the Tower of Babel )....the USA as is NOW was created and funded by Jews....and the Jews are Gods chosen people and can do no wrong!

Even the mighty Egyptians could not defeat them with God on their side!

They have been around for thousands of years and are in and control most countries....the US has existed a few hundred years and can't control itself!

There must be more to all this than meets the eye!


socrates said...

I looked around, googled. I find this milieu nauseating. I don't know how you guys do it. I'm glad you do.

The whole thing smells staged. Or perhaps Mike Rivero's specific form of anti-semitism has become an obvious, potential pitfall for Alex Jones' continued prospects for success. I saw Alex made it onto Jess Ventura's show. But if it became common knowledge that Jones is part and parcel of the Joos did it crowd, he wouldn't be making it on shows like that.

I think Rivero is the proverbial paid fake. I think he is an informant in the Hal Turner sense of the word. I believe there is a black operation devoted to spreading disinfo on the internet. I simply do not believe Rivero is a down to earth conspiracy theorist, somehow sincere in his lunacy. Alex Jones, on the other hand, he might be the real deal, as in being a sincere lunatic.

I also think Tinoire is a paid fake who used to be on the same payroll as Rivero. I can't prove these things. I admit it. I do think Rivero being tied to McDonnell Douglas is an important find. I do think Tinoire saying she was military intelligence means something. These aren't things those two have ever advertised. It slipped out many years ago but was never repeated.

Larry said...

TLNL---answer one question for me:

How can you be so pro-Jew when youre so anti-Hitler and your own country [Great Britain] financed Hitler?

No SPIN or deflect/dodge/ignore bullshit---just ANSWER the question!

the_last_name_left said...

There's probably more ambivalence coming up than you can cope with, Larry:

I'm not pro-jew. Well, no more than I am pro anyone else. I used to work in Golders Green in London which has a lot of orthodox jews. They look as odd, and foreign to me as do Muslims covered in sheets elsewhere throughout London etc.

To be quite frank, I hold a sort of animosity towards them - all such groups make me uncomfortable - a racial/cultural/religious prejudice in me? I like to notice what my instinctive reactions to things are, to see them for what they are, to recognise them, and to abstract them at times. I find it interesting, and insightful - and challenging - when I recognise something in me like racial prejudice, for example. It's a sort of immunisation, and it allows me to feel what I like at the same time. So, I have some inkling of where prejudice comes from in people, how it operates, how it informs the mind and senses, how it leads one... To a point that's all natural enough - suspicion of "others" was an evolutionary imperative once.

But I don't ever buy into it. Absolutely not on any racial level - simply because I don't believe in race. Skin is skin, etc. There can greater genetic differences between 2 whites or 2 blacks than between a white and a black. I really can't care a damn about any of that, rather my inclinations are all the other way, and very strongly too. Hence, I am not pro-jew, or pro-anyone else.

On the other hand, surely I am inescapably pro-white, pro-Welsh, pro-British and pro-european and pro-atheist and pro-socialist and pro-enlightenment values etc etc etc - this is my cultural and material inheritance and my own intellectual choice and ethic.

I didn't appear out of nowhere, no-one does.

In some sense the term "pro-jew" is insulting. Why even raise the notion? Am I pro-Sudanese? It doesn't even make sense to ask?

When I opposed the Iraq war, it was suggested I was a friend of the Arabs - of Saddam. Same thing?

Alternatively, I could answer "pro-jew? OF course! Why wouldn't I be!"

And pro-Israel. Why wouldn't I be? I am pro-Scottish too then? And pro-Nagorny Karabak? And pro-Palestinian too? I'm pro-blackfoot, pro-Pawnee, pro-cheyenne, pro-crow, pro-innuit, pro whatever? Yes, why not? Odd though, that only pro-Israel makes an issue amongst all that?

As for Hitler, what needs be said?

It's funny that you see Britain as having "financed Hitler". You take one single aspect, exclude all other relevant facts, and conclude you have the defining essential knowledge about the situation.

That's a ridiculous position to take on something as complicated as the 2nd World War and the factors leading to it. To pick just one (small) factor and suggest it as *the* single cause is ridiculous.

Of course Britain had financial dealings with Germany in the inter-war years - it had a responsibility to do so following Germany's defeat and capitulation in WW1. And Britain was "a free capitalist" nation - why shouldn't it have sort financial profit and investment opportunity in Germany?

Also, the failure of the German state (which was in severe crisis) was a real threat. Part of British involvement was to shore-up German society and prevent collapse - and not without internal British opposition either.

And remember, during Hitler's rise, nobody knew what was to come. A lot of people made a lot of very costly mistakes. You think they did it on purpose? So that they'd bankcrupt the country fighting a war of national survival for the next 6 years? So that the British Empire was reduced to a rump? All this was done on purpose, out of London? Sorry, but I can't take it remotely seriously. Why do you?

the_last_name_left said...


Go and read all this, Larry? As a start?

You should read it all, but just take any page you like and *read* it. It's worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

- Daniel