Thursday, 26 August 2010

Rivero links to racism (?) at

Rivero linked to an article at written by Khalid Amayreh.

An Epitome of the Israeli Jewish Society

The article starts with the despicable photos taken by the female Israeli military/prison warder, and moves to suggest it epitomises "Israeli Jewish Society".

Here's a definition of epitome:
a person or thing that is typical of or possesses to a high degree the features of a whole class.
Here's the author, asserting that the vileness of those photos epitomises the entire jewish/israel society:
Well, I don’t know if the Gestapo behaved similarly with Jewish detainees in the course of the Second World War. What is sufficiently clear to me though is that this woman’s sick behavior, especially her invocation of Zionism as a justification for her brutal sadism, is by no means an isolated case in a society suffering from a deep collective psychosis.

This is why it is safe to assume that this type of behavior represents the modus operandi in the Israeli occupation army as well as throughout the Israeli Jewish society as a whole.

It is a society that has come to view the Palestinians as “objects for abuse” rather than “human beings.” This is what makes Israeli soldiers so callously and so nonchalantly and haphazardly murder innocent Palestinians in the streets, in schools, and playgrounds in Gaza.
Emphasis added.

Der Sturmer? Crikey. Of course Israelis are killing innocent children at playgrounds all the time.....aren't they? It's a matter of policy, isn't it? Sure. And who is actually being dehumanised in those paragraphs? The picture is of Israelis as some zombified military menace - Zio-drones? So who is being dehumanised here? And isn't this racism - at least anti-semitism? The writer specifically says An Epitome of Israeli-Jewish society.

Here's their own list of contributors:
Prominent Contributors:

Alan Hart
Alan Sabrosky
Anthony Lawson
Aijaz Zaka Syed
Debbie Menon
Frank Lamb
Hesham Tillawi
Jeff Gates
James Petras
Maidhc O Cathail
Paul Balles
Mazin Qumsiyeh
Tim King
Joe Mowrey
William A. Cook
Antoine Raffoul
Stuart Littlewood
Khalid Amayreh
Dr. Elias Akleh
Bishop Donald R. Corder
Dr. Lawrence Davidson

Also Featured Writers:

Allison Weir
Ali Abunimah
Ayman T. Qadar
Elias Akleh
Grant Smith
Richard Falk
Tammy Obeidallah
Jeffrey Blankfort
Juan Cole
Jonathan Cook
Justin Ramiando
John Trafficant
Mary Rizzo
Mohmed Khodr
Omar Barghouti
Philip Giraldi
Ramzy Baroud
Raymond Deane
Stuart Littlewood
Terry Arnold
Dr. Bouthaina Shabaan
Glenn Greenwald

If one takes a look here, it can be seen they are still using images known to be of highly questionable authenticity:

That image comes from a series (from Qana) and they are discussed here::
2. Photographing scenes staged by Hezbollah and presenting the images as if they were of authentic spontaneous news events.

This is where the Reuters scandal started: with bloggers noticing that some of the images showing the aftermath of the July 30 air raid on Qana looked fishy. There are by now dozens of different photographs from that day whose authenticity has been seriously questioned, so all I can present here is a small representative sample.


socrates said...

TLNL, I didn't delete your post at DFQ2, the extensive one. I can see why you have deleted your other two posts on that one thread. Bob deleted it. People on the blog author list have power of deletion for the threads they author. I would never censor you. I have the comment saved, and I will try to make sense of all this when I can with a new entry. Bob has been taken off the author roll. I do believe in innocent until proven guilty, but I don't see how this incident otherwise happened. These are very sophisticated trolls.

socrates said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
socrates said...

I deleted my above post, which simply said test post. The evidence that a post was ever written still remains, unless TLNL as the blog admin removes it. On one entry At DFQ2 written by Bob, TLNL left three posts. His best one eloquently explaining his position was completely deleted, as in there is no sign that it was even ever written. I didn't delete it. It had to be Bob.

socrates said...

Bob didn't delete the post afterall. This is one of those awkward situations where someone accuses someone of taking their keys, and it was in their pocket the whole time. The post in question was trapped in the spam bin. Anyway, sorry to go off-topic on your blog. Yes, Rivero is an anti-semitic jackass, who even Alex Jones can't afford to be associated with. I wrote another time how there are varieties of wingnut. The ones who think the Jooooos own the world are a minority within the conspiracy theory world, imho. So maybe Alex Jones is just an idiot who believes much of what he spews but only recently became aware that he was in bed with neonazis.

socrates said...

There are many possiblities to what these guys are. Their content is easy enough to debunk. Figuring out their motives is and proving them is the challenge. Jones might not even believe 89% of what he says but makes good money from it. Like a confidence man. Maybe he is working for the FBI as an anti-terrorist informant. There are many possibilities. I think Rivero is more likely to be some form of disinfo agent, while Jones is more likely trying to make a buck. As the Washington Post series on Top Secret America has shown, there is a lot of money being thrown around with the spy factories. It'd be naive to not think it could be going on with certain bloggers. Unfortunately, though, we end up with the same problem once again of where are the paystubs. We have them for Hal Turner.

the_last_name_left said...

There's an interesting confluence of threads atm over at Rivero's: he posts a piece highly critical of himself. The article makes a deal of Rivero being Jewish, that he can't be trusted because of it, and other things like his being ex-NASA etc.

Intrigingly this article also mentions desertpeace blog, and suggests it shouldn't be visited because it's run by a jew etc.

Funny, because just yesterday(?) I saw that same Desertpeace article linked to from Rivero's and was surprised to see: it speaks (apparently critically!) about "demonisation of jews".

And today there was an article at Desertpeace (linked to by WRH) that appears to be critical of the Hamas attack on the Israeli civilians that's just happened.

The article at Desertpeace surprised me, and along with that other one I was getting a vague sense of a concerted effort at changing the tone somewhat - and by WRH publishing and promoting these remarkably sympathetic pieces (for WRH and Desertpeace standards)

And then this article shows up criticising Rivero for being Jewish. It viciously attacks him and mixes in a few of the usual criticisms, like the NASA thing. That he begs for money as he brags about his success.

And Rivero promotes it! Odd.

Also interesting to see the comments although they haven't all been published, apparently.

Even as that dude is criticising Rivero for not being properly anti-semitic or something (and Rivero promotes him) we have Rivero saying this about the Hamas attack on the Israeli civilians

MR: "Use your common sense, people; why would HAMAS commit such an outrageous act, just when world sympathy is starting to turn towards Palestine?

Who benefits?

Isn't it more like that this is just another Israeli "by way of deception" stunt to trick the world back into hating who Israel wants us all to hate?"

Bizarro. Hard to imagine such stuff works in Israel's favour? How would Rivero saying this stuff help Israel and 'the Jews'? I can't see it.

Anyway - the whole thing seems a bit choreographed, the articles at desertpeace, rivero promoting this criticism of him and those same desertpeace articles. odd.

the_last_name_left said...

Rivero has linked to another Desertpeace article - one attacking Rivero's critic as mentioned above.

Adds to the sense of co-ordination.

The article, and the dudes replies seem designed to stress that anti-semitism is something quite different to what Rivero and Desertpeace enagage in. And that they are "against it"....hostile to one another....that they're deeply opposed to the critic's more overt racism/anti-semitism.


Here's the link to desertpeace's article and the dude's replies (which desertpeace is not going to continue publishing - because anti-semitism is banned at Desertpeace!! HA!!)

Larry said...

TLNL, for someone who hates Rivero, you sure spend a HELL OF ALOT OF TIME reading him and browsing his website! Question: Do you EVER write a story YOURSELF?

socrates said...

I can't make heads or tails out of this. On one hand, there is the obvious Joooooo hater saying kike this, kike that. On the other, you have Rivero and Desertpeace with their own dubious connections and ideologies. To top it off, followers of both sides are calling the other Mossad.

There does seem to be some choreography going on. TLNL, I'm getting the same reaction you appear to be, that Rivero's crowd is making a not so spontaneous effort to disassociate themselves with more blatant neonazis. This seems to confirm why Alex Jones dumped Rivero. One can only afford owning so much neonazi baggage.

Tinoire got busted hosting Jooo hate. Her response was to delete the evidence. However, a website called prosemite undercover was watching the whole thing and confirmed that I was correct about this. Tinoire banned and deleted every post I made. Then she said you are me. That carried over to Jeff Wells' forum. That too seemed coordinated.

There seems to be things taking place in small niches of the zeitgeist that have been pre-planned. At Progressive Independent, an inorganic move was made to turn it from an overt Jooo hate, Rivero affiliate to one that is over the top commie pinko.

Tinoire stepped down. Now all of a sudden some other website called old elm tree has emerged from the rubble. It welcomes Jeff Wells but is not allowing me to post. I sense both of our posts are read by these people, and hence, the old elm tree may be forced to activate my account. I don't know. I actually don't care. It's nice to figure out a website is garbage before getting involved. It's definitely a rabbit hole, and I'm sorry to have brought in even more convolution.

It's strange how much Rivero's working for NASA is emphasised. He admitted to that himself. He's not ashamed of it. How come no one ever asks Rivero to explain his working for a powerful military contractor named McDonnell Douglas? NASA does have a military connection, but it is also plugged as being a civilian agency interested in space exploration. The stuff we have come up with on Rivero never gets much play. The S. Boyle material shows up once in a while, but the things we figured out after carrying on his or her work never does.

Why doesn't Tinoire own up to having worked for military intelligence like Rivero does for NASA?

By checking out your links, I came across something you might want to look at. It gives info on the guy who owns desertpeace.

Biting the Jew that Fed You