Thursday, 12 August 2010

Troofer (asking for donations) Censored Me

I went to respond to Ryan Dawson's version of the Troof at his website and he promoptly banned me and removed my half-dozen posts. Some commitment to Troof, huh?

Ryan has been asking for donations from Troofers for a smart new camera. Seems he's more interested in cash than debate.

I have kept copies of what I posted, I'll add them later. It's interesting to see what it is that people seek to censor. Also interesting to see people whom rail against (jewish) censorship stoop to the same thing themselves. But these little control freak plebs only want to protect their own views - they aren't doing it for any reasons of national security which might perhaps justify some "censorship" etc. They just want to protect themselves and their readers from any critical thought. Pathetic.

Troof available here:

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