Monday, 17 May 2010

Ron Paul's definition of fascism - FAIL

Ron Paul writes:
Comingling public control of private business is known as fascism.
That's a weak definition. So weak as to be useless.

Accepting Ron Paul's definition, a completely socialised state could not be fascist - as there would be no private business with which public control could comingle. Duh.

The implication is that if Hitler had only nationalised everything he would have ceased to be fascist! And it was only the maintenance of the private-sector which prevented Germany from ceasing to be fascist! Once that had gone, Nazi Germany would have ceased to be fascist?

This is ridiculous. Every government since a private/public sector could be indentified has operated a regime where there's an overlap in both spheres. According to Ron Paul this means that all such governments are fascist. They're all fascist? Ridiculous.

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