Friday, 21 May 2010

(more) Prisonplanet Hypocrisy

Prisonplanet likes to pose as opposition to what it calls "the tyranny of a police state". Any law or regulation they don't like is portrayed as part of some Orwellian dystopic "police state" (run by the NWO, total control network, big brother, bankers blah blah blah)

And yet, on Arizona's anti-illegal immigrant bill Prisonplanet stand squarely behind an extension of police powers which could entail arrest if the suspect cannot immediately prove they are legally entitled to be in the country. Here's Prisonplanet:
Since Arizona passed SB 1070, the corporate media has attempted to portray it as racist and unconstitutional. The law specifies that police questioning of an illegal immigration suspect can take place only in the context of a “lawful stop, detention, or arrest” and not as a result of racial profiling.

A poll conducted Pew Research Center found that 62 percent of those surveyed nationally supported allowing police to question illegal immigrants and 59 percent said they approved of the Arizona law that takes effect July 29.
How does one prove one is legally entitled to be in America? Why does anyone have to prove it at any cop's arbitrary behest? If this situation wasn't about immigration Prisonplanet would portray it as (another) "death-knell for freedom". It would be regarded as further evidence of the supposed nazification of America - They would be saying "Vere are your paperz?" - if it wasn't about immigration.

Clearly this is an example of the hypocrisy of Prisonplanet/Troofer/Patriot: they pose as libertarians.....yet they are all for authoritarianism (and violence) when it suits their ends. In this example, they support an extension of police powers (over everyone) so as to deal with a supposed problem caused by a minority. Notable that Alex Jones has previously said the Israeli wall is "beautiful", and how much he "wants one". It makes him drool. (not the response one would expect from an instinctive, principled, non-violent libertarian.)

Here's a video of Alex Jones being exposed as a hypocrite. The caller makes much the same point I am making - and Jones completely flubs his response.

Interesting what Jones does here - he says he is against open borders because the globalist bankers (!) are in favour of it. Jones isn't looking at the specifics of the particular, he is making his mind up based on his wider, pre-existing ideological perspective. It is by checking his wider, pre-existing views that he forms his position - not on any principle relating to the particulars of the situation.

Do "the Satanist NWO banker elites" (or whatever) want "open borders" as Alex Jones claims? I'd suggest not. But nevertheless, this is the fact on which hinges Alex Jones' support for the Arizona law. Even if true - and it's a very contentious claim - does it legitimise increasing police powers in this particular manner? The point is - it is an extension of police power whatever the arguments in favour or agin might be.

Note what Jones says at the end - and how he says it?


Vere are your paperz!? Ve muzt enforce ze law!

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