Friday, 21 May 2010

Rivero's definition of fascism - FAIL

Here's WRH's Mike Rivero attempting to define fascism:
May 21 09:49
Senate Passes Wall Street Permanent Bailout Bill,

[WRH] Webmaster's Commentary:

This is why the stock market is up today. The US Government just officially transformed this Republic into a fascist economy, in which corporations will keep their profits, but be allowed to always dump their losses on the American people.
Rivero's argument essentially takes the form of leftwing criticism of capitalism - except he names the culprit as "fascism" not capitalism.

There's one major problem with this - Mike Rivero is chummy with genuine fascists. Rivero helps promote the far-right in all sorts of ways, and yet he appears to criticise fascism.

In fact, what Rivero does it to use the label of fascism as an attack on capitalism - even though he is himself essentially wholly sympathetic to capitalism and an ardent anti-socialist. This is misdirection - an attempt to use the label to attack that which he usually supports. Rivero is a largely a capitalist, and so he can't attack "capitalism". Hence he uses the term "fascism" for it instead - no matter that many of his fellow-travellers are fascists. This is why his definition is so distorted - and why it can change as need be.

Similarly Rivero plays his populist line.......promoting MayDay as a day of workers' rights, for example, lamenting the loss of union organisation, and great civil movements etc. This is from Rivero the anti-socialist!

Rivero is clearly trying to please his audience by covering a lot of bases......who isn't opposed to "those damn Nazis", for example? (Rivero accuses liberals, feminists, ecologists, socialists and jews of being fascists....even as he promotes genuine fascists. Everyone is a fascist except his friends (who just happen to be real fascists!) Rivero holds that anti-fascism is fascism. yeah yeah, sure....)

Considering Rivero's positions on things over the years, the only way I can make sense of it is if I consider him to be a fascist. No other position makes sense?

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