Thursday, 24 December 2009

Rivero's Grand Conspiracy......disappeared.

WRH: The governments were expecting a global carbon tax out of Copenhagen. They didn't get it. So they are raising taxes everywhere else. [Dec 22 09]

For years Rivero was whining that the "global carbon tax" was coming as part of global government, forced through by globalist fascist diktat, blah blah blah.

And when no agreement is concluded at Copenhagen...........Rivero has no explanation, but he just carries on regardless. Rivero now says 'the globalist plan' is now to just gain taxes by other means (because of the lack of agreement at Copenhagen.)

But -- why wasn't there an agreement at Copenhagen if there's a huge global conspiracy that "rules the world"?

How come this monolithic grand conspiracy failed to agree amongst itself? How come the super-powerful conspiracy failed with its super-plan to impose global government through carbon taxes etc?

Some conspiracy if they can't even organise a few signatures to endorse their evil masterplan?

December 17th 09, Rivero was still insisting that

WRH: Without the carbon tax, many governments, including the US, are in serious trouble. They are putting every card and every chip they have into play.

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