Thursday, 24 December 2009

Rivero - begging for funds

From Mike Rivero's WhatReallyHappened.con

As you know, I am not very good at asking for money, mostly because I know that my readers, like myself, are just barely getting by. I do not do the big quarterly fundraisers raising tens of thousands of dollars. I try to make WRH pay for itself, but ad revenues have dropped and we are having to let one of our advertisers go because they persist in running ads for known scams on our site. We have been running WRH for 16 years on pennies. Right now Al Gore and his buddies have hundreds of millions of dollars looted from the Sub-Prime and Credit-Default-Swap bubbles to spend trying to enslave you all to a global carbon tax, and all of the bloggers trying to prevent that have precious few resources to prevent that from happening. Contrary to Al Gore's PR shills, we do not in fact receive paychecks from the oil companies. We rely on ad revenues and your support. I hate having to ask, but right now we really need any help you can give us to keep running.


Thanks (and thanks again to those that already did help us out this morning)

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